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You’re gonna love working at Axia,
"one of America's Best PR Agencies" – Forbes

 Hear what some of our team members say about working at Axia:

Love your job • Do meaningful work • Give back to the profession, economy, and community


"Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients."

       - Richard Branson


The Business Journal recognized Axia Public Relations multiple times as one of its “Best Places to Work.” Another regional business magazine named Axia among its “Top 25 Companies That Care” – twice. We're very pleased to receive such recognition from the media, our community, and our valued employees. Let's explore a rewarding career at Axia today!


Zero employee turnover for 63 months (July 2014 to October 2019)
Zero layoffs during the 2020-2022 COVID-19 global economic pandemic recession


"We don't have set work hours. Take care of your clients, and have fun doing it."

       - Jason Mudd, founder, Axia Public Relations


When it comes to agency life in the U.S., there are both pros and cons to consider before applying for a position at an agency. With concerns about high stress, difficult clients, and pressure, public relations is among the most stressful professions.


According to the Agency Management Institute, 70% of U.S. agency employees who want to leave the industry cite high stress. Among those 70%, here’s why they said they’re leaving:

  1. High stress: 42%
  2. Difficult clients: 33%
  3. Pressure to work unconventional hours: 32%
  4. Frequent turnover: 30%
  5. Lower income: 29%

We value transparency and want to ensure you are informed and confident in your decision to pursue agency life. We also heard loud and clear in this survey data employees wish to be acknowledged and seen. That doesn’t just mean when they do something spectacular. It also means publicly recognizing the work can be hard. We prioritize our employees and try our best to prevent these problems, and our low turnover rate proves it.


Aside from potential stress, PR is among the most rewarding jobs. According to the Agency Management Institute, 41% of agency employees have worked client side before, and a supermajority of those (66%) employees prefer agency work. Overall, 86% of agency employees recommend agency work, and 50% of agency employees actively/highly recommend agency work to their friends and family.  


Agency employees are drawn to the advertising/marketing/public relations industry for opportunities to be creative. Nearly 40% say this is a substantial benefit. Other positives of working in an agency include:

  1. Fun place to work: 39%
  2. Opportunities to be creative: 39%
  3. Opportunities to work with a range of clients: 37%
  4. Flexible work environment: 37%
  5. Good work/life balance: 36%

For agency employees, the five most satisfying aspects of agency work for employees overall are making money, receiving positive client feedback, working on exciting projects, getting a promotion or bonus, and making a difference through their work. All these attributes were cited by 38% of our respondent group.


Below are key drivers of agency work-life satisfaction, according to the surveyed agency industry professionals, all of which we aim to meet at Axia: 

  1. Making money: 38%
  2. Positive client feedback: 38%
  3. Working on exciting projects: 38%
  4. Getting a promotion or bonus: 38%
  5. Making a difference through my work: 38%
  6. Succeeding in the face of challenges: 36%
  7. Learning a new skill: 35%
  8. Recognition from superiors: 33%
  9. Recognition from clients: 29%
  10. Recognition from peers: 28%
  11. Having time to do things besides work: 27%


What We Believe 

We believe that public relations is the best way to build a strong brand and a great reputation. But most people don’t know what PR is, and when they do PR, they’re often doing it wrong. 


Who We Are 

Forbes magazine named Axia Public Relations as one of America’s Best PR Agencies.  


What We Do 

America’s most admired and fastest-growing organizations trust Axia Public Relations as their public relations agency of record. We help organizations share stories that matter to their critical audiences. Axia offers news, social media, and web strategies, services, and measurement programs. These communications programs help clients' brands, products, services, and experts gain visibility, consideration, and trust among their critical audiences. 


Who We Do It For 

  • Construction 

  • Home (improvement) services 

  • Insurance 

  • Cybersecurity 

  • Dental 

  • Franchisors 

What We’ve Built 

In 2002, upon leaving his Vice President of Communications and Marketing position, Jason Mudd founded Axia in his den without a single client but with a clear commitment to creating a better public relations agency experience for clients and employees. 


He’s a trusted adviser and dynamic strategist to some of America’s most admired and fastest-growing companies, including American Airlines, Budweiser, Dave & Buster’s, H&R Block, Hilton, HP, Miller Lite, New York Life, Pizza Hut, Southern Comfort, and Verizon. Jason is an award-winning professional public speaker, accredited public relations practitioner, published author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. In 2023, the World Communications Forum named him North America's Best PR Leader. 


Twenty-some years later, our agency and clients are nationwide. Our expert team is small and highly effective, and our commitment to clients is unwavering. We have a great reputation (client and employee net promoter scores range from 98-100), our clients are industry thought leaders, and we are positioned for significant growth. 



Axia PR's Newsroom Street Fight team.

Axia Public Relations sponsored the Newsroom Street Fight, a dodgeball tournament inspired by Anchorman Ron Burgundy. The event pitted print, broadcast, and online newsrooms against each other. The event funded five two-year college scholarships for Police Athletic League students.

We believe our core values should reflect who we are and what our clients need to succeed. To that end, we believe that when we follow these core values, we will have near-perfect client satisfaction and retention: 


Our core values reflect who we are and what our clients need to succeed. To that end, we believe that we will have near-perfect client satisfaction and retention by following our core values. That’s why we actively recruit, select, develop, reward, recognize, promote, and terminate our client and colleague relationships based on how well they honor and represent our agency’s core values. This was only recently realized nearly 15 years after initially identifying these attributes as our core values.

We believe in hiring the world's most talented public relations professionals, regardless of where they live, work, and play.


Every employee receives an annual budget for professional development and a quarterly professional development plan. This may include Public Relations Society of America, Agency Management Institute, Toastmasters International, HubSpot, and other certification and training programs. 


We prioritize maintaining a healthy work balance between personal and professional responsibilities.


Axia also supports the civil rights of all individuals and opposes all forms of discrimination.

"When we treat people like mature adults, professionals, they respond accordingly."  

        - Ken Jacobs, Jacobs Consulting & Executive Coaching

Why you might want to work here*:

  • Day 1: Most perks start Day 1.
  • Work from home
    • Telecommuting is encouraged! Most people work from home 4-5 days per week.
    • Save money while saving the planet (save on gas, tolls, maintenance, fast food, dry cleaning, and more)
    • Less traffic means less stress and more time with family.
  • Comfort: If you must come into an office, our desk chairs are Herman Miller, and our toilet paper is soft.*
  • Paid parking: We pay for parking when you're at an office.*
  • Unlimited PTO with
    • 13+ paid holidays (based on NYSE holidays) plus the items in bold: 
      1. New Year’s Day
      2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
      3. Presidents Day
      4. Good Friday
      5. Memorial Day
      6. Juneteenth
      7. Independence Day
      8. Labor Day
      9. Veterans Day
      10. Thanksgiving Day
      11. The Day After Thanksgiving
      12. Christmas Eve
      13. Christmas Day
    • We're closed (most years) from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day (12/24-1/31)
    • Summer Fridays: We close at 3:30 on Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
    • Volunteer time: Two paid days off per year for volunteer activities
    • 9/11 give back: Employees are encouraged to volunteer on Sept. 11.
    • Vote: Time off to cast your vote in local, state, and national elections
    • Because unlimited PTO does not include short-term or long-term disability, we provide short-term disability
    • This short-term disability includes six weeks of maternity leave for standard childbirth
  • Payday: We pay via ADP direct deposit twice a month on the 15th and 30th.
  • We value professional development.
    • Every new employee gets a one-year Toastmasters membership to earn Competent Communicator.
    • We offer monthly training opportunities.
    • We offer quarterly professional development and advancement plans.
    • We cover up to 100% of your approved professional certifications
    • We pay 50% of your approved professional association (PRSA, IABC, FPRA, etc.) membership dues
    • We pay for your PR association luncheons and events
    • After you earn Accreditation in Public Relations, we'll reimburse your examination fee
    • Mentoring: Weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions with your supervisor
    • Quarterly performance review: We have an employee-focused 360º performance review process.
  • Stay connected: We pay for your mobile voice, data, and tax plan (up to $100/mo.)
  • Self-care is not selfish.
    • QSEHRA health insurance: We pay 50% of your preferred plan (up to $250/mo).
    • Fitness: We match up to $50/mo for your fitness activities, equipment, or fitness membership fees.
    • The Axia Aquatics Center, with a heated outdoor salt swimming pool and lounging facility, is available to employees by appointment seven days per week. And it's blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean and a public beach access
    • LifeMart health and wellness solutions
    • LifeCare work-life employee assistance program
    • Employee discount program to major retailers, restaurants, hotels, and more
    • Apple Store and Best Buy: Axia employees, friends, and family get discounts.
    • Legal services: We provide (50% co-op) access to a pre-paid legal service plan covering your basic personal legal needs.
    • We pay for you and your family to have an encrypted password management tool to protect your personal passwords online.
  • More than a paycheck
    • Profit-sharing: We share 20% of our monthly profits with eligible account leaders.
    • Unlimited earning potential: We pay for your contributions to the company's top line, middle line, and bottom line
    • Retirement: Matching 401(k): we match 3% of your base salary in our 401(k) retirement savings program.
    • No more timesheets: You're more valuable than your hours.
    • Flexible dress code: "You have to wear something, so dress according to the circumstances of your day."
    • Culture is critical. And we measure it. In 2016, we started with a 56 culture score, improved it to 82 (80 is the recommended target), and recently hit 92 and 94! Our culture score is based on five key categories:
      1. Accountability
      2. Engagement
      3. Purpose and Values
      4. Vision
      5. Teamwork and Trust
  • Agency life is fun, challenging, and rewarding.

    • A flexible work environment was the most often-selected factor when we asked what agencies need to do today to attract the best employees. Agency employees also believe offering competitive pay (58%), career advancement opportunities (54%), comprehensive benefits (50%), and health and wellness benefits (50%) will bring the best talent to their agencies.

    • Top five most important factors in attracting the best employees today:

      1. A flexible work environment: 60%
      2. Competitive pay: 58%

      3. Career advancement opportunities: 54%

      4. Comprehensive benefits: 50%

      5. Health and wellness benefits: 50%

* Some employment experiences and perks may vary by facility limitations.

"Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do."

          - Steve Farber, "The Radical Leap"

Why you might not want to work here:

  • We only hire superstars!
  • You get plenty of freedom.
  • Everyone has a number – daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly KPIs.
  • No one gets an annual raise (simply for occupying the same seat or role for another year).
  • We expect big things from you.
  • Zero tolerance for micromanagement.
  • No jerks allowed!

"Hire good people, and then leave them alone."
                                     - William McKnight, 3M

Our niche

Using the power of PR, we build and grow strong brands and great reputations for organizations in our industry niches.


86% of agency employees recommend agency work, and 50% of agency employees actively/highly recommend agency work to their friends and family. Ready to join?


To learn more about our PR agency's unique culture, here are some books and concepts that inspired it:

"Our employees are our most important client."
                   - Jason Mudd, founder, Axia Public Relations

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Not ready for an internship yet? We offer a $2,000 scholarship to motivated public relations students.


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What people say about working at Axia

“ Best employment experience I’ve ever had”

Indeed User

“ Working at Axia is unique because you have the opportunity to grow every single day and your team helps you succeed in that growth.”

Nick Guerra

“ At Axia, you get great culture, benevolent leadership, great communication, creativity, collaboration, and fun!”

Indeed User

“ Everyone is extremely talented and we are able to bounce off our ideas from each other. They also give really great feedback which makes me a better public relations professional.”

Becca McClure

“ You never get bored. There are always different things going on, different projects to work on and I enjoy the fast paced environment that comes with it.”

Katie Boyles

“ Working for Axia was a pivotal point in my career. I developed a competent skill set and understand the workings of the PR industry.”

Indeed user

“ Friendly working environment with hardworking and motivating staff”

Indeed user

“ The company and the owner cares and desires the best outcomes for its employees, clients, communities, and shareholders”

Indeed user

“ Axia was a great place to work at as the firm attracted great clients and the management was oriented towards implementing best practices.”

Indeed user

“ Everyone works on different things, we are coming up with ideas, we are working as a team as much as we can but we also have the option to work remotely which is really nice”

Marjorie Comer

“ If you're looking for a flexible internship program with a great supervisor and CEO, I highly recommend Axia!”

Indeed user

“ Great Rewarding Experience”

Indeed user

“ Great and Flexible Internship”

Indeed user

“ Public relations is a different field everyday and with Axia, you are able to get that full experience.”

Rose Alloush

“ My internship at Axia Public Relations ended last week, and I would like to express my immense gratitude for the experience it has given me. I can't think of a better team to work with, thank you for the wonderful opportunity!”

Maria Gimeno

“ Productive, Creative, and fun environment”

Indeed user

“ We had access to great training programs and the clients received excellent service.”

Indeed user

“ The management is always willing to listen and help.”

Indeed user

“ Friendly working environment with hardworking and motivating staff”

Indeed user

“ Encouraged me to think creatively and critically.”

Indeed user