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PR Firm Handling Crisis Communications for Colleges and Professional Sports Teams

Thank you for spending a moment with Axia Public Relations.  It is here, where you will come to discover and appreciate how our PR firm can become your most-valued public-relations ally if your business were up against the unthinkable – a data breach.  Data breaches wreak havoc with hard-earned reputations and have the ability to topple a business, completely. 


Axia PR offers a plethora of public relations solutions that relate, directly, to data-breach invasions.  Data breaches are far too common, and they demonstrate no mercy as they derail mega-corporations as well as smaller, local businesses.  Bottom line:  you need Axia PR on your side!

Axia Public relations can help any college or professional sports team that's in a crisis.

Nip the Crisis, Like Lightning

To believe that a crisis event would never happen to one's college or professional sports team would be playing Russian Roulette.  Additionally, a PR crisis badly handled vs one handled with the utmost swiftness, precision, and professionalism, would mean the difference between reputation recovery or years of fallout.  


When bad news needs to be remedied as quickly as possible, you would want to utilize the largest swath of editorial coverage, available.  Through Axia Public Relations, this would include a variety of services including a social media campaign to engage fans, stakeholders, parents, and other key parties, in a positive way.


Getting ahead of negative news stories means being accurate, accountable, and transparent, immediately!  Winning people over and regaining their trust begins with our crisis-communications experts organizing meetings with sponsors, stakeholders, the media, the public, and others to prevent the localized 'fire' from turning into an inferno. 


As a PR firm for handling crisis communications for colleges and professional sports teams, our strategies would revolve around a calm, reassuring response, from beginning to end.  Critical elements of our crisis communications would include such things as:


  • Ensuring you have a crisis communications plan established, ahead of time

  • Assessing the intensity and scope of the emerging crisis to determine appropriate responses

  • Evaluating and selecting meaningful and impactful responses, before reacting

  • Communicating to the public with carefully-crafted messages that are clear and honest – as quickly as possible

  • Determining what information should be released and how it should be released – including social media outlets and websites relevant to the college or sports team

  • Prioritizing customer risks and concerns

  • Empathetically addressing customers' needs and feelings

  • Monitoring on-going public sentiment via social media platforms, and local and national news outlets 

  • Strategizing, proactively, to respond to negative social posts or news reports

  • Conducting a post-crisis assessment regarding the effectiveness of Axia PR's interventions


Axia PR utilizes rich media sources for our crisis-intervention stories and content that appear on websites, social media platforms, newspapers, magazines/respected publications, TV programs, radio broadcasts, and more.  Check out some of our case studies.

Offering Champion Tools and Talents

Having the right kind of talent to administer crisis communications for colleges and professional sports teams makes all the difference in the world.  Axia PR offers unrivaled world-class professionals including award-winning news reporters and consultants, information technology pros, communications experts, and other gifted industry virtuosos.  


Our experts would be ready to, fully, assist your college or professional sports team with a premeditated mitigation strategy that would allow an existing crisis to be dealt with confidently and swiftly.  Stopping the bleeding – the correct way, and as soon as possible –would be a prerequisite!


When reputation repair is of the utmost importance, Axia PR utilizes CrisisPoint – our crisis communications management system and ReputationRestoration – our online reputation management system.


From corporate espionage, hostage situations, and negative online reviews to FBI raids, product recall, and more, Axia PR's spectrum of expertise has successfully remedied regional and national organizations' financial, organizational, and technical crises situations.


At Axia, our PR is measurable.  That means you can track the outputs, outtakes, outcomes, and impacts of our PR efforts.  You would always be up-to-date on how our tools, technologies, and talents would be making a positive influence and operating in your favor!  

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