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PR Firm for Online Reputation Management

When choosing a public relations firm to promote your online reputation management business, you need to choose a strong firm that can help you to maintain a positive while expanding your business. This firm will be setting the tone for your business’ future. We know that no two PR firms run exactly the same, so it’s important that you hire the best.


Axia PR is a premier public relations firm, experienced in working with a variety of businesses across North America. We have experience with businesses ranging from local operations to regionally and nationally recognized businesses nationwide. We were recently named one of America’s best PR firms by Forbes Magazine.


Here’s a couple of reasons why you can depend on us to deliver results:

  1. We are PR experts: We have handled just about every PR scenario imaginable! Our track record demonstrates our expertise. 

  2. We know how the industry has evolved in recent years: We practice “inbound marketing,” which attracts new customers to your company. For this marketing approach, we are proud to partner with HubSpot.

  3. Value-driven approach: Through our flat-rate billing system, we avoid the traditional approach of tracking fees by the hour. This helps us deliver a focused approach with better results. You’ll benefit from not receiving separate billing for individual project components. We also believe this best serves your interests, so we work to avoid hourly billings when applicable.

Axia PR’s core values are essential to all we do and improve every aspect of our business:  

  1. Integrity: We always do what’s right and honor our commitment to the Public Relations Society of America code of ethics.

  2. Ideas: We develop innovative solutions to business challenges.

  3. Relationships: It’s a priority to build mutually beneficial relationships.

  4. Results: Our PR firm's digital campaigns can be tracked, monitored, and measured so your team can see the precise value of a dedicated PR campaign.

  5. Improvement: Get 1% better every day by consistently investing in professional development.

Axia Public Relations can help your online reputation management company's PR.

What is public relations?

Although PR and marketing share some similarities, there are big differences between the two fields. Of course, PR and marketing both get companies’ names out there and increase their market shares. However, while marketing tends to work through traditional paid media, PR extends and reaches more avenues. We can help you to navigate news, social, and web media.


News media, often referred to as “earned media,” is the most traditional form of media in public relations. This occurs when a company involved is featured in a positive news story. Studies have shown that news consumption is on the rise as people turn to the platform for information, education, and entertainment. We can leverage this by making sure that when you have a speaking engagement, win an award, or make an appearance on any other kind of media, it ends up in the news media.


As a newer asset, social media, also known as “shared media,” includes social networking, online reviews, influencer marketing, and other user-generated content, especially related to online reputation management. This growing avenue continues to increase in importance as we become more connected to the internet.


Web media, or “owned media,” is content that you own, create, and promote online. This includes your own websites and blogs, as well as any marketing campaigns that you have started. Web media is usually media that is consumed by potential customers who are looking for your services.


When you work with a firm like Axia PR, you work with a team who understands these three media avenues and has the expertise to help you promote your company. Our team is equipped to help you book speaking engagements, submit your name for industry awards, manage online reviews, and meet goals to help improve your reputation.

Why hire a PR team?

Because we live in a world of mass media consumption, it’s important to have a professional by your side as you move forward. It can take a lot of time and energy to manage public relations, and it can be even more difficult to grow your business. 


Axia PR can manage your relations so that you can focus on what you’re best at: keeping your limited time and resources focused on the quality of your own business.


While we do have plenty of experience in the field, we use a data-based approach to help us track how we are doing and how our work is benefitting your business. As industry leaders, we use best practices so that you can evaluate our work yourself.

PR services for you

At Axia PR, we help you manage news, social, and web media. How would this work for your business? Below are some of the services we provide:

  • News media coverage: Our PR firm earns positive news media coverage for your company, products, services, leaders, ideas, and innovations. We increase visibility, trust, and loyalty among target industry contacts and consumers.

  • Crisis communications management: Any company can face a crisis. Not having a crisis communications plan in place could generate irreparable harm to your brand and business. If handled correctly, you may be able to minimize and even leverage a crisis to build trust with customers and the community.

  • Online review and reputation management: Positive reviews drive customers to your company, and negative reviews drive them away, often in greater numbers. With your reputation constantly on the line, how can you keep up and protect your brand on thousands of review sites? Axia PR provides an innovative review management platform to effectively and efficiently monitor, collect, and promote your online reviews.

  • Social media management: Of internet users, 74% are active on social media, making it an extremely effective tool for reaching most audiences. Our PR agency can manage your social media profiles and interact with your target audiences to get you the visibility you want.

  • Website design and development: Axia PR designs and develops custom, growth-driven websites for companies that speak to their target audiences.

  • Inbound marketing: Inbound marketing is a digital methodology that is education-based, rather than interruption-based. It focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, as well as drive profitable customer action.

These are just some of the ways we help our clients. If you would like to consider these or other strategies we can implement to help your business grow, contact us to learn more.

What to do when you see negative content about your company

When you know about a website that has negative content about your company, stop visiting the negative content. Instead, capture the negative content pages and the negative search engine page rankings (SEPR) as PDFs as soon as possible for future reference. That way you can stop contributing towards their popularity for continued SEPR. Reference these PDF files when needed instead of going back to those live pages. We use and recommend GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture, a Google Chrome extension.

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