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Professional Services Industry

Axia’s professional PR strategies help professional service companies increase sales

The professional business services industry in the U.S. is comprised of over 800,000 firms, with annual revenues of nearly $2 trillion. Industry subsectors range from financial services and law firms to staffing companies and health/wellness services, to name just a few. To grow and succeed, your professional services company needs exposure. By aligning with Axia Public Relations and our team of PR experts, we can help your company achieve its goals.

Axia has relationships with key media outlets nationwide. When you select our NewsBureau service, we’ll position your business to generate the news media coverage needed to build credibility and increase brand awareness.

Axia Public Relations can get your story heard on many publications, from consumer magazines to industry media.

PR Success Examples

Axia played a key role in the merger of three professional staffing companies. Reichard Staffing, RDW Professional Staffing and Alluvion Staffing hired Axia to share the news of the merger with the media. Over the course of one month, Axia secured 140 online articles, six print articles and one broadcast interview. The campaign reached approximately 84.4 million people, earning a publicity value of $1.1 million.



Axia helped a national mortgage company. Over a two-year period, Axia generated more than 3,900 articles including print, radio, TV and online for the company. This amounted to more than $62.5 million worth of earned positive media coverage. The company was able to restore its image and recover with an increase in annual revenue of 1,200 percent. In addition, the company received 20 business awards with Axia’s help. 



Professional Services Public Relations Campaigns

In addition to increased exposure, the reputation and image of your professional service company is critically important to its success. In today’s digital world, word-of-mouth travels at the click of a mouse. To stay informed of what customers are saying, Axia has ReviewMaxer software that enables predictive control of your online presence. If your company is already suffering from negative reviews, it’s imperative you act quickly. Our Reputation Management service can help rebuild your reputation.

Axia Public Relations can make sure that any news about your professional services company will reach the right audience.




At Axia, we understand the professional services industry. Our team of PR experts can create a public relations strategy to earn the exposure you need to attract customers and build your brand. Our services can also help encourage customers to share positive reviews about your company and keep coming back.

To discover how we can help, just give us a call or click to book an initial consult with our PR professionals.