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Public Speaking Engagements

To influence and engage your company’s most important audiences, you have to get in front of them. Our PR agency can find you the perfect speaking engagements, appearances, and messages to maximize your positive public exposure.


Public speaking engagements are excellent opportunities for your company to share its unique message and gain industry credibility.

Speaking engagements provide a chance to interact with prospective clients and reconnect with existing ones. They also give your organization a chance to market company ideas and increase awareness. Speaking at any engagement is an efficient approach to increasing visibility within your market while sharing knowledge and enhancing your organization’s reputation. However, identifying public speaking opportunities can be difficult.


Axia Public Relations will get the job done for you. Our trained team of professionals recognizes the importance of boosting company visibility through public speaking. Whether you're looking for large or small audiences, we designed our exceptional KeyNote program to identify these special speaking opportunities. We'll secure and book your engagement and then promote your event.


We have a three-step process for helping your company earn business, industry, and community speaking engagements.

Step I: Research & Recommend
We'll research 12 months' worth of business, industry, growth, product/services, expert, employment, leadership, and/or community speaking opportunities. Then, we recommend those speaking opportunities in three tiers (good, better, best fit) based on the platform and audience prominence, and which opportunities reach your organization's critical audience and that your speaker(s) have the best opportunity to compete.

Step II: Submit/Apply
After Step I, we'll collaborate on the desired speaking opportunities. Each speaking opportunity requires a unique engagement to manage the pitch and submission project, including coordinating, researching, writing, revising, copy editing, submitting, following up, etc. Some speaking opportunities are easy to submit, requiring only minimum background information, while others may require multiple narratives and essays. Next, we'll either individually quote project rates for submitting for those speaking opportunities, or we'll quote an annual program to manage submissions for the selected speaking opportunities. Most clients prefer we quote an annual program to manage all of their desired speaking opportunities and for budgeting purposes.

Step III: Share
Finally, we develop news, social media, and web strategies and content to promote each speaking opportunity you earn. Earning speaking engagements increases your company's visibility and lends significant credibility to the organization and your target audience, from clients and customers to employees, investors, and suppliers.


Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about booking speaking opportunities.


Can you help me get booked for speaking engagements?
Yes, we typically focus on speaking engagements where you don't get charged to speak, and you often don't get paid to speak either. However, some organizations and associations charge a fee for stage time, and some pay you to speak and for your travel expenses. It candidly depends on your clout and experience as well as your desired audience's association's budget for speakers.


I'm only interested in paid speaking engagements. Can you help me with that?
• Sure. Typically, paid speakers already have a proven track record of successful speaking engagements. The speaker's resume, references, and highlight-reel are what demonstrate this to venues. Send us your speaker's resume, references, and highlight-reel so we can see what you've done so far!

• If you don't have these yet, we can help you get them! If you haven't already done so, you'll likely need to complete a series of unpaid speaking engagements first. 

Are my travel expenses covered?
Yes, reasonable travel expenses are negotiable when the organization you're speaking to has some speaker budget for travel reimbursement. What's more typical is a small honorarium.
You should ask yourself: "Are you willing to speak without payment and/or when you must cover your own travel expenses?"