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PR Firm for Solar Companies

Thank you for your interest in public relations for your solar company. We serve as a public relations agency that caters to the many PR needs of regional and national companies, and solar companies are no exception. 


For a PR firm to promote companies that manufacture and install solar panels, it requires a team of professionals with diverse and exceptional talents and passions. At Axia Public Relations, we bring to the table only savvy, first-class experts with niche areas of expertise. 


From award-winning news reporters and consultants, corporate communications specialists, and other brilliant masterminds, our varied virtuosos have an unquenchable fervor for what they do.


As a PR firm for solar companies, however, we don’t confine our expertise to simply promoting a new product, a new partnership, or finished projects. We also determine what is exceptional about a particular solar manufacturing or installation company. 

Through awards presentations, utilizing news outlets to position company leaders as industry experts, capitalizing on the immense power of social media platforms, and other services, our experts help open doors for solar companies – and they can open wide!


Solar companies that we've worked with
A1A Solar Contracting

• Alternate Energy Technologies

Sonray Technologies


Got a solar company? Axia can help you with public relations.

A1A Solar Hires Axia PR – A Profitable Move!

A news clip showing Axia's success with A1A Solar.Passion, purpose, professionalism, and performance are the heartbeat of our PR firm’s daily operations. This couldn’t be more apropos as it applied to one of our rooftop solar panel clients, A1A Solar. When A1A Solar announced it was installing Florida’s largest private rooftop solar array for IKEA, A1A Solar knew Axia would handle all media relations with gusto, thoroughness, and precision. 


A1A Solar is recognized as Florida’s #1 residential solar contractor, according to Solar Power World magazine. Once A1A Solar hired Axia to facilitate all the media relations, our team went to work immediately. Our experts connected with IKEA’s communications team while developing a news release that was ultimately pitched to multiple news media outlets, including national solar-industry trade media.


“We turned to Axia because we knew they would be our best bet in drawing the media’s attention to the matter ... They do a great job, and it’s less of a hassle than trying to do it myself,” said Shellie Thies, A1A’s marketing manager. “Yes, I could probably do things like write my own press releases and email them, but I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it as efficiently or as well as a professional can. I use a PR company for the same reason I hire any professional: They can do the job faster, better, and probably even cheaper overall than I could on my own.”


The fruits of these efforts came to fruition. Axia earned eight news articles and corresponding social media mentions for A1A Solar Contracting. Part of Axia’s strategy involved pulling essential facts from the very technical construction permit and presenting those facts clearly and concisely to the project’s target audiences.


Axia’s media relations efforts earned more than 1,346,130 impressions, 1,888 Facebook shares, and 48 LinkedIn shares among media coverage in industry trade and local media, including Solar Power World.

This is the power behind Axia PR! We can help promote your solar panel manufacturing or solar panel installation company too!

Companies of All Types, Benefit

Companies greatly benefit from Axia PR’s vast experience and industry insights. As a PR firm for solar companies, we offer unsurpassed:


Expertise – Our team has addressed just about every PR scenario imaginable. Our success-proven track record reflects and demonstrates our talents and capabilities, our scope, and our professionalism.


We offer PR results that are remarkable and measurable. Our PR reporting, measurement, and evaluation best practices will allow you to track how our PR strategies will specifically, directly, and noticeably impact your company’s expansion of your customer base, sales, and PR-related ROI. 


Innovation – We get it that traditional PR for solar companies no longer works in an inbound, digital ecosystem. Conventional approaches lack potency, range, engagement, and enticement. The traditional and outdated PR needle just doesn’t move like it used to. 


Inbound Marketing – This includes everything from SEO to social media to brand building. It is the King of the Mountain for attracting new customers to any type of business entity. As a side note, we are proud to be an inbound marketing partner/agency with HubSpot.


Value and Efficiency – Our goal to generate optimized results for our clients takes precedence overcharging for specific elements of any individual project. Instead of tracking hours and compiling hourly billings, our solar company clients appreciate our convenient, efficient flat-rate billing system. 


We zero in on delivering quality and results for our clients, and our value-driven approach facilitates that goal. Check out some of our case studies.

Our Core Values Reflect our Principles

At Axia PR, our core values drive every aspect of our business. Those core values revolve around:

  • Uncompromising Integrity – We do what’s right and principled, honoring our commitments and the PRSA code of ethics.

  • Innovative Ideas – We incorporate groundbreaking solutions to meet solar company challenges.

  • Authentic Relationships – We build and leverage mutually beneficial alliances with all our clients.

  • Results — We ambitiously drive desired, measurable results.

  • Performance-Based Improvements – We offer professional development strategies that allow companies to gain a 1% advancement or improvement daily. Consistently investing in professional development makes all the difference in the world!

We Promote and Protect

When solar panel manufacturers and solar panel installers partner with Axia PR, one of our firm’s main goals is to promote and protect their good names by enhancing their companies’ reputations and brand identities. This is accomplished through:


News Media – News media allows us to dramatically build your brand and maximize its visibility, trust, and loyalty among target industry contacts and consumers. This is done by utilizing speaking engagements, award presentations, spokesperson media training, crisis management, guest appearances on podcasts, and more! 


Solar companies rely on positive and powerful exposure to maximize their sales.


Social Media — Social media enables us to utilize social networking, online reviews, question-and-answer sites, social influencer groups, and other avenues to rectify and/or solidify one’s brand identity and brand loyalty. 


By defining your specific audience, we can help you determine the most effective strategy. We can track the progress being made and easily make changes that increase engagement. 


Web Media – Web media provides a potent platform to promote your solar company through a variety of means, including dynamic website design and development. Strategic imagery – including 3D simulations, succinct and visually appealing infographics, etc. – as well as critical calls to action, ease of navigation, mobile optimization, and other requisite elements are vital for any company’s success! 


Our website creations make the difference between new conversions and lost prospects. Your website should act as a firm first handshake between your solar company and prospective customers.


Online Review and Reputation Management – Online Review and Reputation Management addresses a company’s worst nightmare: negative online reviews. Even the smallest bits of reputation-killing information are like piranhas; they have the power to eat up companies of all sizes and types, never to fully recover. 

Axia PR offers a revolutionary review management platform to monitor, collect, and promote your online reviews with impressive efficiency and effectiveness. We don’t just promote a company’s name; we repair and restore it if necessary!  

Contact Us Today for Your Free Consultation

There’s no question your company could benefit from an expertly run PR campaign and ongoing PR management! Visit our Become a Client form, give us a call at 888-PR-FIRM-8 (888-773-4768), and let’s schedule a free consultation to go over your business’ PR needs.