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PR Firm for Machine Learning Companies

Welcome to Axia Public Relations!  We are living in a time when companies are experiencing disruptions, like never before.  The financial health of your machine learning company may be experiencing a downward spiral due to these unprecedented circumstances, but our PR firm is here to throw out a life line.


You might be asking, “Can I afford the interventions of a PR firm?”  The answer might be, “Can you afford not to have them?”  It might be difficult to make time for increased brand awareness and media coverage, but without those two vital elements, your business could enter an inescapable abyss.


This is where our seasoned group of PR pros make their grand entrance.  Our professionals are gurus when it comes to building brand awareness and reputation management.  They offer their experiences with some of the top brand-names, worldwide.  Top-tier media exposure coupled with supercharged technologies serves as the catalyst for increased conversion rates.  


However, it's the expertise, dedication, and individual talents of our team-members which bring the logistics to fruition.  

Image of a computer part.

PR – Let It Work For Your Company!

It's time to tell your brand's story!  By leveraging our various media sources such as news, social, and web, your connection with your target audience can be dramatically strengthened.


For example...   


News media allows us to bolster your machine learning company brand and maximize its visibility, trust, and loyalty among target-industry contacts and consumers.  Our news media arenas cover a plethora of possibilities:  speaking engagements, award presentations, spokesperson media training, crisis management, guest appearances on podcasts, and more!  Companies, of all types, rely on positive and powerful exposure to boost traffic, clients, and sales.


Social media, as user-generated content, allows us to utilize social networking, online reviews, question-and-answer sites, social-influencer groups, and much more to rectify and/or solidify your company's brand identity and brand loyalty.  


Your machine learning company caters to a specific audience, and our PR firm can determine the most-effective strategies designed to increase engagement for that niche group. 


Web media allows us to, powerfully, promote your company through a variety of means, including dynamic website design and development.  You want content that will 'speak' to your target audience – when you 'speak their language', you draw them in and engage them.  Though web design and development is only one form of web media, its monumental importance for your company cannot be overstated.


Attention-grabbing imagery, succinct and visually-appealing infographics, critical Calls-to-Action, ease of navigation, mobile optimization, and other requisite elements included in web design and development are critical for your company's success!  Bottom line:  our website creations make the difference between new conversions and lost prospects.  Learn how to become a client today.

Crisis and Reputation Management–It's All About Recovery

Imagine what happens when all three of the, above-mentioned, media platforms are combined!  As a machine learning company, you can reap the rewards of killer PR campaigns that generate maximized exposure, increased and improved leads, more sales, and galvanized consumer confidence. 


But what if your company suffers a blow due to negative press or bad reviews?  Our PR firm offers a revolutionary review-management platform to effectively and efficiently monitor, collect, and promote your online reviews.


Whether your machine learning company is dealing with negative online reviews or other potentially-devastating input, our PR firm can mitigate the damage through success-driven strategies that are innovative and proven!  How a company responds to negative press will determine whether that company will thrive, merely survive, or die. 


Through authentic, transparent, and comprehensive reputation-management strategies, our PR firm can 'stop the bleeding'.  With a proactive crisis-communication plan in place, your company can be minimally impacted, and it can leverage the crisis plan to build deeper trust with your customers and the community.  


Here is only one example of a business surviving a tragic turn-of-events:


In 1982, Johnson & Johnson experienced its shocking Tylenol tampering which resulted in seven deaths.  The company was swift with its readied PR strategy.  Johnson & Johnson plowed through the devastation of a $100 million+ retail loss.  In the end, not only did the company survive, but it was able to boost its credibility due to its thoughtful and timely PR responses.


Our crisis communications experience includes a vast array of scenarios:

  • 150K inappropriate emails sent to K-12 students

  • Corporate espionage

  • Cyber attacks

  • FBI raid

  • Hostage situations

  • Negative online reviews

  • Product recall

  • Racist-hiring allegations, and so much more!

At Axia PR, our strategies are measurable – you have the, seamless, ability, to track the outputs, outtakes, outcomes, and impacts of our PR efforts!  Through positive exposure, enhanced visibility, and strengthened consumer trust, your machine learning company can move forward like a fine-tuned engine.

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