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Home improvement product manufacturers PR firm

As you bring innovation and new technology to the home improvement industry, millions of people benefit from your expertise in product manufacturing daily. Even as you devote your days to furthering your progress, every business also depends on having a great public relations strategy to build the reputation and name recognition it deserves. At Axia Public Relations, we’re ready to help. We’ll work hard to bring you the public relations strategy you need by using our knowledge of your industry combined with our expertise in technology and communication. That way, your business can be on its way to the next level.


Owning a business in these times means you’ll need to employ different strategies for your PR campaign than you might have used in the past. The game has changed and modern advertising means focusing your strategy to include a specific audience and particular differentiators. You’ll also need to consider how your strategy can cope with not just traditional advertising, but also digital and inbound methods so you can reach the appropriate audience. With so many plates spinning at the same time, you’ll want to have a trusted expert you can rely on to take care of your plan for all of these avenues.

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Navigating media to promote your business

We know that your PR needs change as your business changes and grows. With these changing needs in mind, we can evaluate your current situation and ensure that you have the best tools available to help meet your PR needs. We’ll make sure your message is spread across your community exactly the way you want it to in order to allow you to direct the conversation with your audience where you want it to go.


Also, PR is measurable, meaning you’ll be able to track which customers and sales come as a direct result of our efforts. At Axia Public Relations, we’re among the industry leaders who are creating a cultural shift in public relations reporting, measurement, and evaluation best practices to effectively measure PR and PR’s ROI at your company or firm. You’ll never be left in the dark, wondering if our efforts have paid off — we’ll tell you!

PR services for home improvement product manufacturers

While we have a variety of services to offer, these are the solutions we most commonly work on with our clients:


News media coverage: This kind of coverage involves featuring your products and services, leaders, ideas, and plans for the future. By putting your name out where everyone can see it, you’ll benefit from brand recognition and the trust-building that comes from being seen in a good light.


Crisis communications management: Any modern business can and likely will find themselves in a crisis at some point. While no one wants to have to deal with the fallout, it’s more important now than ever to have a crisis communications management plan in place to prevent utter devastation. With the proper plan and execution, it’s possible to use these situations to build trust in the community and gain recognition for how the situation was handled. A good plan can help you turn a PR problem into a PR opportunity.


Online review and reputation management: Consumer feedback websites are ever-growing in numbers, and your customers may turn to them in order to leave a review about you. While you don’t want to stifle the opinions of others, you also want to do all you can to ensure a positive review and, when possible, correct an action that led a customer to walk away unhappy. We can help you target the most relevant websites to focus on, and our plan will provide other strategies to help you earn more positive reviews with higher frequency. This kind of success can help make review websites an ally when those reading reviews learn about all you can do for them directly from a trustworthy satisfied customer.


Social media management: Approximately 74% of people online have at least one social media account, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a great social media presence so you can reach all those people. Managing these accounts and making sure you’re communicating clear and effective messaging is imperative; Axia PR knows how to help you craft the right message.


Website design and development: Every company should have a website, though many never get beyond creating a Facebook account. A website can serve as a digital home for you to communicate your story, demonstrate what you do, and invite potential customers to open up a line of communication with you.


Inbound marketing: With inbound marketing, we seek to educate future clients by presenting valuable and relevant content to a clearly defined audience. With this focus, we are able to bring in the clients we want and drive profits.


These are just some of the services we offer to our clients. We also offer other services such as: spokesperson training, award entries, connecting with brand influencers, podcast appearances, booking speaking engagements, expert blogging, and more.


Axia PR is ready to help you with these and other matters of relevance. Putting together a thorough and precise approach is key. We can help you address various needs facing your home improvement product manufacturing company.

Selecting a quality PR firm

For the 2021 year, Forbes recognized Axia Public Relations as a top PR agency, and we are honored by this recognition. We’ve been around for nearly two decades, and in that time, we’ve developed a 90% client retention average. In addition, approximately 50% of clients that leave Axia PR end up returning. We’re proud of our own reputation as well as the businesses we’ve worked with, such as:

  • Adecco
  • bolt
  • Dave & Buster’s
  • Fidelity National Financial
  • Rayonier
  • Verizon
  • And more!

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We’re confident that we can help you with your PR needs and we look forward to hearing from you. Please complete our Become a Client form, give us a call at 888-PR-FIRM-8 (888-773-4768), and schedule a free consultation so that we can discuss your needs and how Axia PR could be a good fit for building your PR strategy.