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MedTech PR firm

As an innovator in technology and patient care, your work is valuable and important. Though you spend your time focusing on the big picture of improving patients’ health care experiences, your business depends on developing a public relations strategy that puts the spotlight on you and helps you gain positive name recognition. At Axia Public Relations, we put our expertise with technology, communications, and your industry to good use while we help you create a public relations strategy that will help your company gain the recognition it deserves.


Modern advertising involves more than a loud message and bright colors. The style and tone of your campaign can have a big impact on how your audience views your company. That means it’s more important now than ever to abandon traditional PR tactics in favor of more focused campaigns for your audience. A good PR strategy takes into account the traditional, digital, and inbound methods of advertising. With a strategy that encompasses many different aspects of advertising, you’ll need an expert able to execute action in all these areas.

Axia is eager to help boost the public relations efforts of any medtech company.

Navigating media to promote your business

As your company grows, your advertising strategy can change to appropriately address your audience. As experts in public relations, Axia can help make sure that you have the appropriate game plan to promote your company. Working with you to make sure we communicate your message the way you want and in the right places is our number one priority.

PR services for MedTech companies

Here are a few of the services we offer that clients love taking advantage of:


News media coverage: News media coverage can help the public get a positive look at your company’s products and services, leaders, plans, and innovations. This coverage can help you gain brand recognition by increasing your visibility in the public eye while building trust among potential stakeholders.


Crisis communications management: While it’s impossible to avoid every potential crisis that may arise, it’s important to have a plan to mitigate the fallout when your company experiences one. With a proper crisis communications management plan, you could turn a PR problem into an opportunity to build trust and relationships within your community so that you come out on top.


Online review and reputation management: Making sure that the online reviews regarding your company show you in a good light is a best practice in promoting your business. Because there are so many places to see and leave reviews and so many customers rely on them when making purchasing decisions, it’s important to make sure that the overall message strangers hear about you is positive. Axia can help you achieve this with our review management platform, where you can collect reviews and make sure they’re visible to potential clients.


Social media management: With 74% of internet users on social media, it would be a gross oversight not to leverage that space for publicity. But careful steps are warranted, what with the ever-increasing polarization surrounding all kinds of topics. You’ll want a firm that is knowledgeable in navigating social media and promoting your company and message.


Website design and development: Many potential clients interact with your company first through your website. Making sure that your website is thoughtfully designed, attractive, intuitive, and easy to use is vital to making sure that customers stick around long enough to learn about your company and bring you their business.


Inbound marketing: With inbound marketing, we seek to educate future clients by presenting valuable and relevant content to a clearly defined audience. With this focus, we are able to bring in the clients we want and drive profits.


Axia provides these services and many others. Using these strategies, we can help you improve your PR standing and address various needs so that your business gets the name recognition and promotion it deserves.


Remember that PR is measurable, meaning you’ll be able to track which customers and sales come as a direct result of our efforts. At Axia Public Relations, we’re among the industry leaders who are creating a cultural shift in public relations reporting, measurement, and evaluation of best practices to effectively measure PR and PR’s ROI at your company. You’ll never be left in the dark, wondering if our efforts have paid off; we’ll tell you!

Selecting a quality PR firm

Forbes has recognized Axia Public Relations as a top PR agency. We’ve been in business for nearly two decades and have maintained a client retention rate of 90%. Of the clients who choose to leave, 50% return to us. We’re proud of our reputation as well as the businesses we’ve worked with, such as:

  • Adecco
  • bolt
  • Dave & Buster’s
  • Fidelity National Financial
  • Rayonier
  • Verizon
  • And more!

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