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PR Firm for Insurtech

If you are familiar with the insurance industry, you are well aware of how innovative technologies coupled with increasingly demanding customer expectations are transforming its landscape. This brings us to insurtech innovations that are literally revolutionizing the global insurance industry in mighty ways.


Still, the insurance industry has been viewed with negativity and skepticism by large portions of the public. In fact, Insurance Journal has clearly stated, “The insurance industry has a serious public relations problem. The industry does a dismal job of selling itself!”  


In all fairness, much of the public's perception of the insurance industry depends on policyholders' experiences with their claims. But perceptions, whether justified or unjustified, influence reality. This is where Axia PR comes in!

Axia is eager to help boost the public relations efforts of any insurtech company.

Insurtech and Axia PR can produce a powerful partnership

Insurtech companies immediately, benefit from Axia Public Relations being ranked by Forbes as one of America's best PR agencies for 2021! Our award-winning news reporters, public relations consultants, corporate communications experts, information technology professionals, and other talented colleagues offer diverse skill sets that share one critical thread: seamlessly collaborating to generate public relations solutions that can pack a punch for your insurtech business.


Axia PR and its 20 colleagues are positioned across North America, all working with regional and national companies. If there is one thing we are acutely aware of, it's the fact that the press is always interested in new trends and chomping at the bit for something new that will garner tons of public attention and interest.


Insurtech fits that mold since this facet of the insurance industry is a hot commodity! Ideally, this positions insurtech organizations to take full advantage of the opportunity to become a leading voice in this emerging arena. The key is to move forward with our firm's PR strategies in multifaceted ways that bolster companies' brands and reputations.


Your business has an opportunity to harvest the bounties of PR-related activities, including speaking engagements, award nominations at industry-related, high-profile events, podcast appearances, positive press in relevant trade publications and broadcast outlets.

Our core values remain rock solid

Our core values are embedded in every aspect of our business:

  • Integrity: We will not compromise with mediocrity regarding any dimension of our business.  We honor our commitments and strongly abide by the PRSA Code of Ethics.

  • Ideas: Our innovative solutions fully address business challenges.

  • Relationships: We never underestimate the paramount importance of building and leveraging mutually beneficial relationships. It remains a top priority.

  • Results: We drive desired and measurable outcomes with ambition and precision.

  • Improve: We embrace a 1% improvement every day through our consistent investment in professional development, a powerful component in our PR firm's future success.

Tools, talents, and technologies generate impressions

The tools, talents, and technologies our PR firm embraces translate to your insurtech company being offered new and improved opportunities for solidifying its brand and reputation. Whether you are building your insurtech company or consolidating your insurance company's growth, our PR firm is ready to work toward a shared goal of creating just the right type of impression and influence that can further elevate your company’s industry presence.


Our PR strategies and methodologies make you look good! Bolstering brand identity and reputation is gives a company a clear, competitive advantage. Our accomplished professionals offer a vast wealth of experience:


PR expertise—We have handled just about every PR scenario imaginable! Our proven track record reflects our mastery in this arena.


Not only does our PR firm cover crisis management, brand awareness, reputation management, and advocacy, our digital campaigns can be tracked, monitored, and measured so that you can clearly assess the precise value of a dedicated PR campaign. More specifically, you will be able to track which customers and sales directly connect with a particular strategy.


Many PR professionals lack the skill sets required to evaluate the return on investment of their PR campaigns. The explosion of social media platforms and online advertising has revolutionized the way PR is measured, namely by utilizing media monitoring tools that have the ability to accurately measure paid and earned media.


PR insight—Traditional PR—paid advertising in print media, radio and TV spots, etc.—is part of offline content and comparatively ineffective and inadequate when contrasted with inbound marketing.  


Through our inbound marketing services, higher readership and viewership of online content becomes a distinct and powerful advantage. Our inbound marketing involves laser-focused digital approaches embedded within specific PR strategies. These solutions are all designed to attract, engage, and retain customers for insurtech companies like never before! Axia PR is proud to be an inbound marketing partner with HubSpot.


Value-driven approaches—Our insurtech clients do not pay a fee for the individual components of a given project. Instead of tracking hours, our customer-centric approach most frequently utilizes a flat-rate billing system, making it easy and convenient for our clients.

Paid media, step aside

Paid media generates limited results, which is why Axia PR embraces and pursues the bigger picture.  We thoughtfully and carefully intertwine news media, social media, and web media in just the right amounts, at just the right times, in just the right ways to achieve maximized results and desired 



Let's break down the services we offer in a bit more detail: 


News media—News media is also known as earned media. Axia PR utilizes news media relations to earn the opportunity to appear in news stories. News media, whether used for information, education, or entertainment, is a powerful platform we utilize for insurtech companies. Our news services include speaking engagements, winning awards, guest appearances on podcasts, spokesperson media training, and crisis management. 


Through the news media arena, we utilize resources to maintain, manage, and influence perceptions through persuasive crisis communications avenues, if necessary. News media is an outstanding venue through which insurtech companies can build a strong brand and a reliable reputation.


Social media—Social Media is also known as shared media. Axia PR utilizes shared media like social networking, online reviews, reputation management, influencer marketing, Q&A forums, and other venues that revolve around online user-generated content.  


Social media can be utilized as a highly persuasive instrument to promote and solidify your insurtech company’s name and reputation, as well as produce deep-rooted connections with desired audiences.


Our PR experts identify the best channels and influencers who, in turn, use their insurance industry connections, expertise, and insight to maximize reach in order to spread your company's message to all the right people. With 74% of internet users being active on social media, it serves one to utilize this incredibly effective tool.


Web media—Web media is also known as owned media. This is content you have created and have complete control over. Web media would include your website, blogs, newsroom, search engine optimization, inbound marketing, email marketing, landing pages, and more. 


Web media embraces avenues that allow insurtech companies to optimize their connections with customers, enhance brand awareness, maximize SEO efforts, and amplify exposure.


These three media platforms represent only a few of the services we offer. When they are expertly combined, managed, and utilized, you can expect our PR firm to generate prosperous campaigns for your insurtech business. 


Other Axia PR services include:


Crisis communications management—For PR firms, the question is not how to avoid a crisis, such as a data breach, but how to manage a crisis efficiently and effectively.  


Being prepared ahead of time and having early, coordinated communication available in place for when a data breach occurs is paramount. A fully developed crisis communications management component is utilized to protect your company's reputation through compelling game plans that highlight authenticity, transparency, and integrity.


Crises can take varied forms: a cyberattack or data breach, workplace injuries, sexual harassment, a hostage or active shooting situation, and many others. Regardless of the event, our professionals would be with you to shorten the duration of the news cycle, as well as to protect your brand and reputation.  


Online review and reputation management—Our PR firm's online review and reputation management strategies powerfully address negative online reviews. Damaging online comments are revenue annihilators. If your insurtech company were to experience this type of unwanted publicity, our PR firm would be ready to restore your good name and help heal compromised consumer confidence.


How can you protect your brand on thousands of review sites? You can't, but Axia PR can. We utilize a revolutionary review management platform to monitor, collect, and promote your online reviews with impressive efficiency and effectiveness! Promotion and restoration are vital for your company, and we're good at it!


Website design and development—Website design and development begins with selecting qualified experts in this very niche realm. Through our expertise and creativity, our PR firm would enhance the value, reach, and effectiveness of your web presence. Our tech-savvy gurus develop custom, growth-driven websites that draw viewers in, engage them, and convert them to paying clients. 


At Axia PR, we understand industry-specific trends, challenges, consumers, and competitors. You want web solutions that cater to your identity, needs, target audience, and goals. Need detailed assistance in this arena? You've got it right here! 


Iron-clad PR: The benefits are clear


Axia PR will combine its tools, talents, and technologies to increase your brand credibility, enhance profits, generate a positive image of your insurtech business, create a strong online presence, and step in if a crisis were to threaten your company's hard-earned image.

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Insurtech companies in North America can connect with Axia PR in various ways:

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