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Public Relations Consultancy for Environmental Friendly Companies

While you’re busy getting the word out about your environmentally friendly company, you need a professional and proven public relations campaign to help you communicate your qualifications and experience to the public. A good PR team can help you build and leverage your reputation with current and potential clients while allowing you to send the type of message you want. As with any other aspect of your company, successful PR depends on many factors – one of them being the PR firm you choose for your campaign. Make sure you have the best available PR firm by choosing Axia Public Relations.


At Axia PR, we work with colleagues across North America and are experienced in working with PR campaigns for many kinds of companies of varying sizes. Our clients include small, local establishments as well as national companies. We are proud of our accomplishments and reputation. Forbes recently named Axia PR as one of America’s best PR firms of 2021. With this strong backing, we are confident you can benefit from working with Axia PR. 


Here are some reasons why:

  1. We are PR experts: As experts in our field, we have experience across a variety of industries and have worked through many PR scenarios.  

  2. We are aware of how the PR world has evolved in recent years: We use an up-to-date method of marketing called “inbound market.” This means that we can virtually bring new customers to your company. For this service, we are proud to partner with HubSpot.

  3. Value-Driven Approach: At Axia PR, we use a flat-rate billing system, meaning that you won’t be billed an hourly rate. This helps us to deliver a more focused approach and better results for complete projects, rather than their components.

Axia PR’s core values are essential to all we do and improve every aspect of our business:  

  1. Integrity: Always do what’s right by honoring our commitments and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Code of Ethics

  2. Ideas: Develop innovative solutions to business challenges

  3. Relationships: Build and leverage mutually beneficial relationships

  4. Results: Ambitiously drive desired, measurable results

  5. Improve: Get 1% better every day by consistently investing in professional development

These five values guide our approach every step of the way, from recruitment to project approach. As an environmentally friendly company, we believe you’ll value these pillars. If you are interested in learning more, please click the free consultation link or read some of our success stories.

Axia can help spread the word about your environmentally friendly company with public relations.

What is PR?

While PR and marketing do have some overlapping qualities, there are major differences that you should know about. PR and marketing both help you increase your exposure, name recognition, and market share, but PR is broader and extends beyond just traditional paid media. PR navigates the three major types of media: news, social, and web.


News media is often referred to as “earned media” by PR professionals. With news media, you’re looking to showcase your company in some kind of positive news story. With news consumption on the rise, it’s a good strategy. Any time you represent your company at a speaking engagement, when winning an award, or when making a guest appearance on a podcast, we can help you to leverage this in earned media. We can also help with spokesperson training and crisis management if needed.  


Social media is also known as “shared media.” This includes social networking, online reviews, reputation management, influencer marketing, and other user-generated content online. As online communities grow and we become more connected to the internet, the importance of social media increases.  


Web media, or “owned media,” is content that you have created, have control over, and promote online. This includes your website, blog, newsrooms, inbound or email marketing, and more. This is what consumers go to when they are looking for more information about you.


When you hire Axia PR, you have access to a PR team with expertise in these three major media avenues and knows how to send your company’s message to the public so your reputation shines. We can provide a variety of services, including booking speaking engagements, submitting your company for award nominations, managing your online reviews, and making sure your public image is seen in a positive light.

Why Hire a PR Team?

Because future clients can so easily access all kinds of media, it’s important to have a professional PR team on your side. It can be intimidating and challenging to keep up with the pace of online PR while making sure your media exposure is both positive and highly visible to future clients. When you work with Axia PR, we can take care of your PR needs so you and your staff can focus on your company while we manage your image and reputation.


While we know our experience and insights are important, we would never rely solely on these factors. Our approach is data-driven, helping us to track how Axia PR is changing your image and recognizability. Because we have data to back up our practices, you’ll be able to see how your investment is benefitting your company.

PR Services for Environmental Friendly Companies

At Axia PR, we help you manage news media, social media, and web media coverage. How does this break down when serving your company? Below are some of the services we provide:

  • News Media Coverage: We’ll work to get positive news media coverage for your company, products/services, leaders, and more, ultimately bringing your company a positive reputation through increased visibility, trust, and loyalty from the public.

  • Crisis Communications Management: Although no one wants to deal with a crisis, any company can face a crisis throughout its lifetime. Having a crisis communications plan ready can help you to minimize potential harm to your brand and may even help you build trust with the community.

  • Online Review and Reputation Management: With this service, we’ll help keep track of your online reviews, leveraging the positive reviews to drive up business.

  • Social Media Management: Social media is part of most internet users’ lives and can be leveraged by our professional team to reach your target audience and increase your public visibility.

  • Website Design and Development: Our team can design and develop a website for your company so you have an impressive and effective site to communicate with your target audience.

  • Inbound Marketing: Inbound is a web marketing methodology that is education-based rather than interruption-based. With inbound marketing, we work to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience while driving profitable customer action.

These are just some of the services we use to help our clients. If any of these appeal to you or you have another service in mind, contact us to learn more.

Contact Us Today for Your Free Consultation!

At Axia PR, we are confident we can help your environmentally friendly company gain new business and a solid reputation in your community. When you’re ready to get started, please visit our site, complete our become a client form or call us at 1-888-PR-FIRM-8 (1-888-773-4768). We can schedule a free consultation to discuss your PR needs and help you begin building a PR strategy that works.