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PR Firm for Data Breaches

Thank you for spending a moment with Axia Public Relations.  It is here, where you will come to discover and appreciate how our PR firm can become your most-valued public-relations ally if your business were up against the unthinkable – a data breach.  Data breaches wreak havoc with hard-earned reputations and have the ability to topple a business, completely. 


Axia PR offers a plethora of public relations solutions that relate, directly, to data-breach invasions.  Data breaches are far too common, and they demonstrate no mercy as they derail mega-corporations as well as smaller, local businesses.  Bottom line:  you need Axia PR on your side!

Has your company had a data breach? Axia will help you on the public relations side.

No Business Is Immune to Data Breaches

It has happened time and time again – from banks to hospitals to motion picture studios – data breaches have run rampant.  Here are, only, a few examples of digital-thievery that made national news:


Adobe – October 2013 – 153 million user records were impacted – debit/credit card information stolen, affecting millions


Equifax – July 2017 – 147.9 million consumers affected – debit/credit card data exposed, affecting 209,000 customers 


Heartland Payment Systems – March 2008 – 134 million credit cards exposed


IRS – February 2016 – More than 700,000 social security numbers stolen


Target – December 2013 – More than 100 million individuals' personal information was affected, including more than 41 million customer payment-card accounts.


These data-breach examples represent the tip of the iceberg.

Small Businesses Get Invaded, Too

Size doesn't matter when it comes to data breaches.  According to Verizon's 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, 28% of data breaches in 2019 involved small businesses!  For 2018, 43% of data breaches involved small businesses!  If your customers' personal information within your business's IT system were severely compromised, how would your business weather the storm?  Would your business weather the storm?


You need Axia PR's talented team of diverse experts to become your potent, proactive public-relations ally!  Your business needs to be, fully, prepared with a crisis-communications and damage-control plan that would be specific to this type of event.

A soldier doesn't put on battle gear after the enemy strikes, he or she puts it on before the invasion begins.  As a PR firm for data breaches, Axia PR would ensure data-breach preparations would be ready, from beginning to end, if a data breach were discovered!  Check out some of our case studies.

We Are Your Reputation Defender

Axia PR specializes in public relations solutions designed and purposed to save a company's tumbling reputation which, in turn, can save a company's life.  Consider our PR team as your business reputation's life-support system during a data-breach crisis.  


Through CrisisPoint – our crisis communications management system and ReputationRestoration – our online reputation management system – we throw lifelines to businesses, regionally and nationally, that find themselves scrambling to stop the bleeding when IT invasions take place.


Through our award-winning news reporters, consultants, information-technology pros, communications specialists, and other indispensable talents, your business would reap the benefits of a data-breach response plan.  

A response plan would need to be in place before the public would have a chance to erroneously portray your organization as being negligent and complicit.  A realistic mindset of, It can happen!, combined with prior planning from Axia PR, would serve as the most-effective offense and defense strategy.

Only the Best for An SOS

Our experts have addressed just about every PR scenario, imaginable.  Our success-proven track record reflects and demonstrates our talents & capabilities, our scope, and our professionalism.  Axia PR's crisis-communications experience includes an extensive array of scenarios:


  • 150K inappropriate emails that were sent to K-12 students

  • Corporate espionage

  • Cyber attacks

  • FBI raid

  • Hostage situations

  • Negative online reviews

  • Product recall

  • Racist allegations w/hiring practices, and much more!


As a PR firm for data breaches, Axia PR helps companies weather financial, organizational, and/or technological crises, of every type.

We Protect and Promote

If your business found itself in damage-control mode due to a data breach, Axia PR would leave no stone unturned to help you, immediately and effectively, navigate the crisis, in a variety of ways:


News Media – News media allows us to repair and rebuild one's brand and reputation after a crisis has hit.  Our PR solutions would include increasing your company's much-needed visibility and crafting effective commentaries to rebuild the trust and loyalty your company, originally, nurtured with industry contacts and consumers. 


Our team would help you to clearly, confidently, and swiftly respond to the public.  Whether helping to prepare the proper statements as part of a press release or discussing which news media channels would work best for your image, Axia PR would be by your side from start to finish.


Social Media – Social Media would enable us to utilize social networking, online reviews, question-and-answer sites, social-influencer groups, and much more to rectify your brand and your reputation.  Social media provides the opportunity to give play-by-play updates as part of a crisis-management plan.  


There are about 250 million US social media users.  Our professionals capitalize on this venue and this type of volume to inject favorable content in a timely manner as they neutralize the negative press in crisis situations.

Online Review & Reputation Management – Online Review & Reputation Management can address every nightmarish experience from negative online reviews to data breaches to cyber attacks.  We can repair and restore your good name and help heal wounded consumer confidence.  

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