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Vendors resources


2020 Florida Sales Tax ExemptionAxia's sales tax exemption form



Payables timeline

• 10th: invoices approved and payments queued for direct deposit
• 15th: direct deposit payments arrive
• 30th: deadline for submitting new invoices to [axiapr at app dot hubdoc dot com] and CC [ap at axiapr dot com].

• Please allow up to 30 days for payments to arrive ("net 30")


Vendor invoices

• Send one invoice per month, and include all clients and accounts in that one invoice.

• Send your invoice on (or before) 5 p.m. Eastern Time on the last business day of the month (e.g. the 30th, 31st, or Feb. 28 or 29).
• When you submit your invoice later, we'll process it in the following month.

• Do not send invoices as "due upon receipt" or backdated. Send it "net 30." We process payments once a month. 

• Sort your invoice by client/brand category with a brief description for each entry summarizing what you did (service) for each deliverable.

• Send your invoices and any reimbursable receipts to [axiapr at app dot hubdoc dot com] and CC [ap at axiapr dot com] as a PDF attachment


What must I include on my invoice?

If you need help creating your invoices, copy and use this template.

Invoices must include:
• Date submitted
• Due Date (30 days later)
• Your (company) name
• Tax ID (social security or company tax ID)
• Your preferred address for mailing your payment
• Details for each line item (the client/company the work is for and a title/description of the work performed)

• Separate sections for each client/company)
• Total amount due
• Any additional payment instructions/bank information 

Vendor payments

• Payment typically arrives on the 30th of the following month.
• For any payment questions, including if, after 30 days, you still have an unpaid invoice, please email [ap at axiapr dot com].

Getting paid by ACH/direct deposit (preferred)

• For direct deposits, look for an email from meliopayments.com to add your banking information.

• Accept the email invitation from meliopayments.com within 15 days.

Getting paid by PayPal, WorldRemit, or other pre-authorized platforms

• Only send your invoices to [ap at axiapr dot com]

• Please include your payment instructions on your invoices.

Tax information

• If you're inside the U.S.A., email us at [axiapr at app dot hubdoc dot com] your completed IRS Form W-9
• If you're outside the U.S.A., email us at [axiapr at app dot hubdoc dot com] your IRS Form W-8 BEN


If you have errors and omissions, professional liability insurance, and general liability insurance certificates, send them to [axiapr at app dot hubdoc dot com].