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Undercover Boss services


You've read our Undercover Boss blog posts, and now you want to get on Undercover Boss? We've got all you need.


We offer:
services for the boss and
products for the employees
who want to be on Undercover Boss.


Please note: Our company and this website is not an agent or affiliate of CBS nor Undercover Boss. We are an independent public relations agency providing these services directly to you. The views, opinions, and recommendations expressed here are our own and are offered without warranty or guarantee.



Boss: Undercover Boss initial consultation session


During this live, one-hour confidential consultation session*, you'll learn the 12 things you need to know about the show, the process, and the criteria based on our inside information, and we'll answer any questions you may have. This session is for up to two participants: the boss and one trusted adviser. It's important to limit the number of people involved in this confidential process and show recording. 

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Boss: Undercover Boss casting pitch


After you've completed the Undercover Boss initial consultation session (above), this is the second step for high-level executives who want to slip anonymously into the rank and file of their own organizations.

We'll pitch the Undercover Boss casting staff for a casting interview. This includes:

  • Preparing a professional bio for the boss, written just for the Undercover Boss producers
  • Preparing a company backgrounder specifically for Undercover Boss producers
  • A list of action steps and items to prepare for your casting interview
  • Pitching the boss to Undercover Boss casting staff
  • Coordinating the first casting interview
  • Coaching the boss for the casting interview(s)*

A priceless investment and much more than a $5,000 value.

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* We will provide this service by phone, video, or in person. If in person, your company agrees to pay all business class travel and related expenses.




Employee: Form letter asking a boss to go on Undercover Boss


We've prepared a business letter for you to customize and send to a boss encouraging him or her to go undercover in his or her company to experience the working conditions or to observe a specific employee.

This is an ideal tool for an employee, an employee's loved one, or a concerned customer.

This is more than a $100 value.

Your letter suggests that the boss consider going on Undercover Boss to conduct valuable first-hand research.

A man reading a letter on a desk.

Letter template: Ask Undercover Boss to recruit a company for the show


We'll prepare a business letter for you to customize and send to the casting director(s) at Undercover Boss encouraging them to recruit a particular company for the TV show.

This is ideal for a concerned employee, family member of an employee, or a customer.

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List: Contact list of past Undercover Boss bosses


We'll provide you with a spreadsheet for all 96 bosses who appeared on Undercover Boss (including the most recent season) and their best available contact information. This mailing list is ideal if you want to contact the companies and bosses featured on the TV show.

It would cost you more than $500 to replicate this data.

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