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Law firms PR firm

Law firms deal with complex situations every day, and your work to represent those you serve adequately and honorably is one way you can achieve success. One-time clients may produce more clients as they spread the word about how you helped them through a trying time, but for a law firm to really thrive in a competitive market, you need a balanced, strategic and analytical approach to your public relations strategy and practices. With such a plan in place, you can spend more of your time serving your clients and staying current on best practices while you outsource managing your website, social media profiles, and recognition efforts to a well-regarded, attentive agency with the expertise to get the job done well. Axia Public Relations provides solutions to help companies thrive, and we stand ready to do the same for your law firm.


When you engage Axia PR, you get more than a PR strategy; you gain proactive guidance, insight, and proven strategies that can help you expand your firm’s footprint and reach. We do this through a measured approach based on our extensive understanding of how your industry operates and how best to advertise your work. If you don’t secure a consultant who works on campaigns similar to yours on a regular basis, there’s no telling what opportunities you’re leaving on the table.

Axia can help law firms with public relations.

Navigating media to promote your law firm

It’s important to meet your growth goals while remaining nimble in the light of unforeseen challenges. With a comprehensive PR strategy in place, you can actively work on growing your law firm while also preparing for any possibilities as they present themselves.

PR services for law firms

Charting your course forward means strategically using the media to your advantage, and that’s what we do best. Here’s how we can help you with your public relations efforts:


News media coverage: From advertorials to public appearances garnering coverage, there are many ways you can demonstrate your firm’s qualities through news media coverage. Our data-driven approach can help you take a focused approach in this arena.


Crisis communications management: A well-run organization can present a strong public image when facing a crisis. This requires having contingencies in place and a clear process to follow. We can help you prepare for your next crisis with a communications management plan that fits your needs.


Social media and online review and reputation management: An online presence is a must these days, and with no shortage of social media platforms and an ever-growing list of review sites gaining popularity, your ability to control the messaging in this space is important. With our tools, we can help you manage and maintain healthy and active social media pages while also helping you get the most out of your reviews.


Website design and development: A strong social media presence without an adequate website is like a sandbox without sand. To complete this portrait, you need a quality website that is attractive and easy to navigate. We have the tools to help.


Inbound marketing: With inbound marketing, we strive to create content that helps educate a specific audience. This focused and methodical approach to advertising helps you pursue a specific client persona so you can drive profits.


These are just a few of the many ways that Axia PR can help you promote your law firm. 

Selecting a quality PR firm

Through our two decades in business, we are proud to boast a 90% client retention rate, and approximately half of those that do end their agreement with us return before long. Forbes Magazine has also recognized our work, listing Axia as a top PR agency. We have provided PR services to major brands, including:

  • Adecco
  • bolt
  • Dave & Buster’s
  • Fidelity National Financial
  • Rayonier
  • Verizon

Schedule a complimentary consultation

We look forward to speaking with you about how Axia PR can help you develop your PR campaign. Please complete our Become a Client form, give us a call at 888-PR-FIRM-8 (888-773-4768), and schedule a complimentary consultation to go over your needs and begin building a balanced and effective PR strategy.