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Public Relations Consultancy for Green Companies

When a customer begins to work with a green company for various services, the planet benefits, so why wouldn’t everyone do it? While some think the price of entry may be too great, the truth may lie in the work your green company puts into spreading your name.

This requires an intentional public relations approach. Rather than trying to hire such a team, you can save time and money by using a skilled PR firm such as Axia Public Relations. We maintain colleagues across the continent, and by remaining committed to serving industries such as yours, we can offer an insightful and deliberate approach that helps your company grow. 


Below are just some of the reasons why you need Axia PR by your side:

  1. We are PR experts: We have an established and healthy track record of success. Our work covers many industries and can help your green company succeed.

  2. We know traditional PR doesn’t work anymore: Partnering with HubSpot, we are abundantly proud of our inbound marketing methods, which virtually attract new customers to your company.

  3. Value-Driven Approach: We prefer to employ flat-rate billing. As we work on your PR campaign, there can be many deliverables and other considerations that can make your payments needlessly confusing. Our flat-rate billing can help you avoid surprises down the line.

At Axia PR, we take our core values seriously:

  1. Integrity: Always do what’s right by honoring our commitments and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Code of Ethics

  2. Ideas: Develop innovative solutions to business challenges

  3. Relationships: Build and leverage mutually beneficial relationships

  4. Results: Ambitiously drive desired, measurable results

  5. Improvement: Get 1% better every day by consistently investing in professional development

It is our goal to live up to these ideals every day. They feed into our work as we recruit, hire, train, and further develop our staff. 

Energy generating windmills.

What is PR?

To some, the terms “marketing” and “public relations” mean the same thing. At Axia PR, we understand this mistake, and once you’ve used our services, we think you’ll understand the true difference a fully realized PR campaign makes as opposed to just marketing. Rather than just helping you grow Twitter followers or produce a commercial, we can help you navigate the entire media trident: news media, social media, and web media.


News media, or “earned media,” covers external opportunities that can help you spread your name. Newspaper or television coverage, relevant industry awards, speaking engagements, and more all fit under this umbrella. We can help you explore what will work best for your green company.


Social media, or “shared media,” includes social networking, online reviews, reputation management, influencer marketing, influencer sites like groups, Q&As, and other sites featuring user-generated content.


Web media, or “owned media,” is the media you create to expand your brand. From commercials to your website management, how you handle this media can drastically affect your company. We can help you get the most out of it.


Our efforts in these three realms can help your company grow and benefit from an enhanced public image. We are confident in our ability to effectively utilize these mediums to help you carry out your message and mission. Furthermore, Axia PR also can help with booking speaking engagements, submitting your company for awards, managing your online reviews, and more as you work to grow your company.

Why Hire a PR Team?

A far-reaching PR plan isn’t something that one person should manage by themselves. At Axia PR, we utilize our talented teams to cover this responsibility for you. This can help you reserve resources, limit costs, and provide more time for you to focus on your company while we manage your reputation. We also pride ourselves on providing frequent communication to demonstrate the effectiveness of our work because PR is measurable.


Our use of detailed analytics will allow you to see exactly how effective our work is. We strive to be the industry bar setter when it comes to reporting, measuring, and evaluating our work.

PR Services for Green Companies

Below are things we regularly do for our clients:


News Media Coverage: We can help increase the positive press you receive. This can include interviews for the news and media outlets and much more.  


Crisis Communications Management: Almost every company will face a crisis at some time in its history. How you manage that crisis can say a lot about your company, and using the right PR strategies, you can navigate these waters with certainty.


Online Review and Reputation Management:  While a positive review can bring you business, a bad one may drive more away. This shouldn’t be the case, and with a comprehensive review management system in place, it won’t have to be. We can implement software and strategies designed to help drive positive reviews to various review aggregators and provide you with an opportunity to right the ship when a customer is dissatisfied.


Social Media Management: 74% of all internet users are active on some form of social media, so if your company isn’t well-represented there, you are likely missing out on new clients. We can help you reach your target audiences efficiently by improving your social media game from top to bottom.


Website Design and Development: Building a website has become as easy as a few clicks, but creating a website that capitalizes on your strengths and understands its audience is something completely different, and it’s just one of the items Axia PR can deliver.


Inbound Marketing: This is a marketing methodology that is education-based instead of interruption-based. The focus is to create and distribute valuable and informative content that attracts clients and can also help in retention. It’s all about driving profitable results to you.


We’re just getting warmed up. We also can provide spokesperson training and award entries, connect you with brand influencers, book podcast appearances and speaking engagements, and more.

Contact Us Today for Your Free Consultation!

When you are ready to take a data-driven, analytical approach to your PR considerations, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our site and complete our become a client form, give us a call at 888-PR-FIRM-8 (888-773-4768), and let’s schedule a free consultation to go over your PR needs!