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As you may have noticed, we provide PR counsel, services and training to midmarket and enterprise companies. We don't have experience that fits your unique needs nor the needs of every company.

If we were you, we’d hire a freelancer or a "solo PR firm" that specializes in small businesses.
Please be sure to tell that Jason Mudd and Axia PR referred you.
Here are some quick referral recommendations:

1. Local associations publish a list of PR pros and agencies
• Contact your local Public Relations Society of America chapter for a list of PR pros and firms
2. Ascendant Group
Raoul Davis specializes in working with small businesses, entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs.
raouldavis@ascendantgroupbranding.com | 302-450-4494#202 office | 336-575-3594 mobile
3. Annie Jennings PR
Annie has specific packages for entrepreneurs, authors, non-profits, and small businesses.
Todd is really good at developing media coverage for unique products (and services).
Your PR Firm specializes in quick and affordable PR campaigns for small businesses.
They'll show you how to get positive online reviews using her software.
success@reviewmaxer.com | 904-395-7659
How much should you invest in PR?
  • Small companies typically invest 1-10% of their annual revenue on PR.
  • “No revenue” startups obviously must invest differently.
  • The more revenue companies have, the more dollars they invest in PR.
  • However, the percentage of their revenue invested in PR decreases (to as little as 0.01-2%) as their revenues reach several millions and even billions.

We hope this information helps you in your endeavors. 

When you contact these organizations
• please drop our name by saying:
          "Jason at Axia Public Relations referred me to you."
• We would appreciate it and it may help you too.


- Jason Mudd
Axia Public Relations