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Value Package

Public relations is an important investment of your time and money. At Axia Public Relations, we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. We know that not every company can afford a comprehensive PR program. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a new PR value package that includes everything you need to get started down the road toward successful public relations, regardless of your company's size.

People in a meeting.

For as little as $1,666.66 a month, your company can have a professional PR agency on your team.

Here's what you get for your investment in our value package:

  1. 8 external communications – news/press releases, media advisories, articles, etc. – per year
    As part of Axia's PR Value Package, you will be able to build your company’s reputation with two external communications per quarter (that's eight total news/press releases, media advisories, bylined articles, or letters to the editor per year) that the Axia team will write, copy edit, pitch to, and follow-up with for up to 50 key contacts (producers, editors, reporters, freelancers, bloggers) in media newsrooms that cover your company, industry, topics, and experts. That's an estimated retail value of up to $25,000 for such services and corresponding media lists.

    For an additional investment of $450 per news release, we'll post your news releases on the appropriate press release wires like PR Newswire, PRWeb, and others. These wire placements can build your company's reputation and improve your brand recognition with key audiences.

  2. Initial phone consultation
    In this 60-minute telephone consultation, we will lay out our recommendations for using PR to reach your PR and business goals. Valued at up to $2,000.

  3. MediaSignal – media monitoring, clipping, and measurement
    Of course you don’t want to invest in something if you won’t be able to see the results, which is why we offer quarterly third-party monitoring reports from NASDAQ Media Intelligence, providing you with an overview of your brand’s reach through media coverage. This media-monitoring, clipping, and measurement reporting service has a retail value of up to $30,000/year, and it's included for free in our unique value package.

    Sample media monitoring and measurement report:


  4. ExpertSources – connecting expert sources to newsrooms
    Axia will monitor and manage inbound media opportunities and queries via services like ProfNet, HARO, Twitter, and editorial calendars for your business and its experts, including queries related to news trends, topics, and experts for potential interview and news release opportunities. Axia has access to an extensive professional media database that we use to pitch extended opportunities, helping you get in front of the audience that’s most important to you. These professional resources feature an additional retail value of up to $5,000 per year, and they are also included free in this package.

An incredible value for your PR dollars.

  • Adds up to $77,000 in value
  • It's all yours for just $20,000. 

This is a 12-month contract. Service continues monthly after the initial 12 months unless and until either party provides 30 days' written termination notice. Monthly and quarterly billing are offered as a convenience only. No refunds. You may upgrade the PR program at any time and use any available credit(s) toward the chosen PR program. This program does not offer any exclusivity. In the event of a conflict of interest, Axia has the right to resign for any reason at any time. In such an event, Axia shall refund any prepaid, unearned fees.

When you sign on for a year of Axia's PR Value Package, you get a scaled version of Axia Public Relations serving as your public relations "agency of record," and you'll begin to experience what it’s like to work with a professional PR team. This is a great starter package for an entry-level PR campaign, and you can upgrade at any time to a more comprehensive PR program. 


Yearly is a 12-month agreement. At the end of 12 months, the service continues monthly unless and until either party terminates via 30 days' written notice or the parties enter into a new agreement.

Sorry! This package is no longer available. Check out our other small business offers