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Axia earns increased market share, sales boost for staffing firm

Incepture, a specialized staffing agency with a vision of providing top talent and service excellence for clients, sought to expand its comprehensive suite of staffing, consulting and managed solutions to targeted markets on the East Coast. Born out of the health care and information technology sectors, Incepture had an unmatched depth of industry knowledge, experience and expertise and aimed to become the go-to expert on staffing for healthcare, information technology and financial services as it continues to expand into additional markets.


When Incepture, a staffing agency offering recruitment services for companies nationwide from its Jacksonville, Fla. headquarters, wanted to expand into new markets and establish its executives as thought-leaders in the healthcare staffing field, it turned to the health care PR experts at Axia Public Relations.

Axia’s reputation for delivering results to companies in both the health care and staffing sectors made it the PR firm that could accomplish Incepture’s goals and help grow its market share. Axia immediately went to work launching a media awareness campaign aimed at industry trade outlets, including the health care and hospital sectors, and at local and regional media in Incepture’s targeted new markets. Axia’s strategy centered on positioning Incepture as an established and growing authority on health care staffing.


Axia Public Relations’ expert experience working with the health care and staffing sectors allowed it to formulate a strategy that could successfully achieve all of Incepture’s goals. Through Axia’s wide range of contacts in major business media as well as in target industry trade media throughout Florida and the additional locations where Incepture is expanding, Axia’s staff executed a plan that included:

  • Positioning the company and its executives as thought leaders and subject-matter experts in healthcare and information technology staffing to key audiences and industries; first in Jacksonville, Florida where Incepture is headquartered, then throughout its target markets
  • Publicizing Incepture’s focus on helping veterans re-enter the workforce and its promotion of social media as a part of the job search
  • Promoting the company’s efforts in helping displaced workers find new jobs following layoffs and business closings


Through Axia’s efforts, Incepture received coverage in news outlets that included print, online and television. TV news shows interviewed Kathy Young and the Incepture team in-depth on opportunities that promoted their company as a great resource for veterans and other job-seekers, as well as for employers. Incepture increased its market share in each of its markets as Axia ramped up its public relations efforts and Incepture achieved a sales boost through the news media coverage, thought-leadership and awards, which positioned the staffing firm and its leaders as experts.


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