Has your company harnessed the Power of PR?

What is the Power of PR?

The "power of public relations" is a great way to build your brand. 

The power of PR will dwarf the ROI on advertising and many marketing efforts.

For example, a 150-word news brief about a Nashville-based logistics firm resulted in $5 million in new reoccurring revenue after a Florida executive at another company read the brief and hired the firm.

This business opportunity formed because a news item about a company carries three times the credibility and has six times the visibility of an advertisement.


The power of PR

  • “If I only had two dollars left, I’d spend one dollar on PR.” – Bill Gates
  • Public Relations is one of the best returns on investment your [company] can make. You won’t be able to buy the kind of advertising a good PR firm can generate. – Michael Glass, advertising industry consultant

  • “PR — even though it is underutilized — is extremely effective when properly leveraged.” – Harvard Business School

  • “Seventy-one percent of business owners say their marketing dollars are best spent on PR.” – Inc. 500

“Axia has met and exceeded my expectations. They have delivered and continue to deliver efficiently. It is refreshing to work with such a professional and highly innovative team.”

– Marcia Danzeisen | Senior Vice President of Marketing | FIS

The power of PR

  • “You’d better get yourself a PR partner! PR is not always visible and not overnight, but it helps subtly and significantly over time.” – Tony Mikes, advertising industry consultant, speaking to advertising agencies and suggesting they need PR to grow their business

  • A news story about a product or service has six times the visibility and three times the credibility of an advertisement of the same size or length. – Starch Research, a research firm for the newspaper industry

  • A sale is 89 percent more likely when unpaid messages generate positive discussion in advance of such purchase. Such messages include news coverage, referrals and word of mouth. – Starch Research

  • Nearly nine in 10 (86 percent) Americans say learning about a company through news coverage is more influential and credible than seeing a company’s advertising. – Starch Research

“Anyone who pays attention to how decisions are influenced knows that PR is tremendously important.”


The power of PR

  • Eighteen hundred corporate executives say PR is more important to a company’s success than advertising. – American Advertising Federation, the professional association for the advertising industry

  • PR is the most effective way to establish brand credibility, gain media coverage and get the best return for marketing dollars spent. – McBain Associates
  • “Seventy-two percent of senior-level marketers said PR is most valuable in supporting product marketing and product launches.” – Advertising Age, a magazine for the advertising business

  • “Marketing executives said PR is the most effective marketing discipline for launching new products or services (55 percent), building awareness (52 percent), generating word of mouth (51 percent) and building brand reputation (50 percent).” – PR Week

“I can’t imagine that any firm could have gotten us as much coverage as Axi. Axia makes us feel like we’re the most important client.”

– Tyra Tutor | Senior Vice President | Adecco Group

The Power of PR

  • Pontiac gave away a G6 to each of the 276 audience members on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Within two weeks of the event, the show achieved 87 percent adult G6 awareness, the highest click-through rate ever (17 percent) and a 600 percent increase in traffic to – Mark-Hans Richer, Pontiac
  • Eighty-six percent of adults read community newspapers. – Community Newspapers Survey/NNA

  • “Eighty-four percent of CEOs say media interviews are the most effective way to get the company’s message across.” – Impulse Research

  • Sears estimates that a positive mention on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” led to $13 million in direct sales. – Counsel of Public Relations Firms



“Axia is one of the best in the business.”

– Mark Gurley | Co-founder and CEO | Rebounderz FRanchise and Development

The power of PR

  • “Advertising is necessary for competition… But good PR educates.” – Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder

  • Your company, like those in the Harvard Business School study, is probably under-utilizing the power of PR
  • Imagine yourself on Good Morning America, or being quoted in news stories about your company on the front page of USA Today. 

“I have very high standards and Axia has delivered on that.”

– Mark W. Boyer | CEO | Foundation Financial Group