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1. Pay now by ACH/bank transfer (preferred), credit card, or PayPal:

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IRS W-9 form

W-9IRS EIN: 56-2369568

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Terms and conditions


If you have any questions, please contact your account executive, our accounts receivables department at [ar at axiapr dot com], or call toll-free 888-PR-FIRM-8 (tel:888-773-4768).


Establish credit
Axia Client Credit ApplicationTo apply for credit with Axia, please complete our Credit Application and submit it to [ar at axiapr dot com]. Please note we always require a personal guarantee when establishing a line of credit for companies with less than 20 employees and less than five years in business. Companies that are unwilling or unable to provide a PG should prepay for services.



Vendors only

To get paid quicker:
1. Create a profile to receive ACH payments from us at

2. Email your profile ID# to [ap at axiapr dot com].

3. Send one invoice for each client: Axia, ReviewMaxer, Goriffic, etc. and only email one invoice at a time.
(Don't put two clients on one invoice and don't send more than one invoice per email.)

4. Email your invoice(s) to [ap at axiapr dot com] by the 30th, so we may approve and process them by the 25th.

5. We pay invoices "net 30," so after 30 days, if you still have an unpaid invoice or payment question, please email [ap at axiapr dot com].

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