Jason Mudd, APR, develops PR strategy for clients. Named a 'Rising Star' of public relations by industry trade magazine PR Week, he speaks and blogs about public relations trends and best practices.

Jason Mudd, APR   
CEO and President


Marjorie Comer is an award-winning PR pro and serves on the national public relations board for Theta Phi Alpha fraternity.

Marjorie A. Comer
Public Relations
Account Manager

Jenni Stevens is Axia's social media and community engagement manager.

Jenni Stevens
Social Media and Community Engagement Manager


Kennan Burch is a strategic brand engagement consultant to Axia Public Relations’ clients.

Kennan Burch
Brand Engagement Consultant

Katie Boyles is one of Axia's public relations associates.

Katie Boyle
Public Relations Associate


Becca McClure is not only one of Axia's PR associates, she's also Axia's ReviewMaster Guru.

Becca McClure 
Public Relations Associate


Lisa Goldsberry is one of Axia's senior bloggers.

Lisa Goldsberry
Senior Blogger

Wendy Bulawa Aguledo is one of Axia's senior bloggers.

Wendy Bulawa Agudelo
Senior Blogger

Julie Miller is one of Axia's bloggers.

Julie Miller

Lianna LeMay is the copy editing guru and chief grammarian for all PR materials.

Lianna LeMay
Senior Copy Editor

Wedi Boyette is one of Axia's copy editors

Wendi Boyett
Copy Editor

Robert McNicholas is Axia's IT director.

Robert McNicholas
IT Director


Doug Flick is Axia's accountant.

Doug Flick
Senior Accountant

Justin Rigdon is one of Axia's summer associates

Justin Rigdon
Summer Associate

Jacob McKimm
Web Developer



Jason Mudd, APR
CEO and President
Accredited in Public Relations/Certified Inbound Marketer