“I really enjoyed your information and use it as a resource in my Crisis Communication class. I especially appreciate your 10-step plan. It reinforces all the aspects of effective crisis management in a succinct, easy-to-follow approach. This e-book is a good, to-the-point information source. Thank you so much.” 

Roberta "Bobbi" Reid Doggett, APR
Senior Instructor, Public Relations
University of North Florida


"Thank you very much for the download. It's very informative!!!"

Peter Castillo
Global Village English Centre

Managing Public Relations in a Crisis

The key to knowing what to do then is to plan for it now

Many businesses will face a public relations crisis this year; statistics show that more than half of them will be out of business within two years.

Managing public relations in a crisis is not a job for the faint-hearted or the uninformed. If you want to survive, you’re going to need expert advice.

With our free e-book Managing Public Relations in a Crisis, you can learn from Axia Public Relations’ experts about how to protect your company’s reputation and restore trust in your leadership and your brand.

This 24-page guide will teach you:

    • How to choose your company’s spokesperson
    • How to plan for a crisis, even as it’s unfolding
    • Three things to always say and which one to say first
    • Six things you must never say
    • How to respond to hostile media