Food & Beverage Public Relations Campaigns

From global brands, such as Coca-Cola Co. and Heinz, to national restaurant chains and local pubs, there are many different types of food and beverage businesses. To stay strong and keep customers returning, you must always be innovating, improving efficiencies and streamlining operations.

Much like the family entertainment industry, the food and beverage industry is very competitive. To stay relevant and top-of-mind, businesses in this fast-paced world must respond quickly to seasonal fluctuations, industry trends, ever-increasing varieties of products, consumer expectations and competition.

At Axia, we have the PR experience and PR expertise you need to create frontline initiatives that serve success straight up.

Aia PR can get your Food & Beverage business promoted on television and other mediums

PR Success Examples

Axia Public Relation's work with Southern Comfort reached more than 432,000 potential customers in a weekendAxia helped food and beverage giant Southern Comfort. We worked to position celebrity chef and “America’s Chief Entertaining Officer” Tim Laird as a subject matter expert on tailgating and football fare. The PR campaign reached more than 432,000 consumers (in one weekend, in one market) and was a touchdown for the company.

Axia Public Relations worked with Miller Lite to promote their Vortex bottle product.Axia earned positive news coverage for Miller Lite. Through a variety of PR strategies, Axia promoted Miller Lite’s new Vortex bottle product, gaining them a tenfold return on investment.

Food & Beverage Public Relations Campaigns

Your food and beverage business cannot afford stale, bland or flat marketing. To keep spirits high and compete in this very liquid industry, partnering with a strong PR agency is critical. Axia understands your business and how to leverage today’s digital tools and platforms to drive customer traffic. Social media and online review sites have changed the dynamics of how the food and beverage industry markets and engages with consumers. Axia has developed a Social NetWork program to handle your online social media accounts and ReviewMaxer that tracks online reviews from 500+ review sites for quick and easy managing.



At Axia, we understand the food and beverage industry. Our team of PR experts can create a public relations strategy to earn the exposure you need to keep customers excited about your brand and coming back.

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