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Axia Public Relations is a PR company that knows how to help the family entertainment center industry capitalize on fun.

When it comes to spending time with family, everyone loves miniature golf, laser tag, trampolines, escape games, obstacle courses, bowling and go-kart racing. These activities and more provide families with an opportunity to bond and share a few laughs in a fun and safe environment. However, when it comes to attracting the family looking for fun, it’s important for businesses to stay visible and offer a variety of exciting attractions to keep visitors coming back.

The family entertainment industry is constantly on the move, innovating new ways to captivate and entertain customers. Without innovation, a family entertainment center can become stagnant and lose its excitement and appeal. Whether you operate a water park, video arcade, zoo, aquarium, museum or science center, your business is driven by repeat visits from guests and members. At Axia, we have the PR experience necessary to keep your brand top-of-mind and drive more attendance and sales.

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PR Success Examples

Axia helped Dave & Buster’s generate excitement over the grand opening of a new family entertainment center in Panama City Beach, Florida. Axia secured 41 stories (print, radio, TV and online) and reached a target audience of more than 1.5 million people, representing more than $382,000 in earned media coverage. The company reported that the event produced the highest turnout ever for its comparable events.

"Job well done to you and your team! Great success with both Media Day and the VIP event. Thank you for being such a wonderful extension of our team!”

- Alex Purdy, Dave & Busters

Axia helped Rebounderz Family Entertainment expand. While working with Axia, Rebounderz entertainment center grew from $8 million to $22 million over the course of one year. With Axia’s PR strategy, Rebounderz reached more than 69.9 million consumers and business people through earned media coverage and earned several awards and recognitions, including Fastest-Growing Company and Top CEO awards.

“You guys are amazing; I’ve been so impressed with the work you’re doing. You definitely know how to get us that national exposure.”

- Al Palladino, co-founder and president of Rebounderz Franchise and Development, franchisors of Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena

Family Entertainment Industry


The digital age has changed the way amusement parks and family entertainment centers market for business. With social media, companies can now engage with customers and offer incentives in real time. This is a game-changer that can help your business thrive in a way it never could before. With the click of a button, you can share specials and incentives and display pictures or videos of families having fun.

However, visitors can just as easily post reviews online about their experiences at your facility, its safety and its cleanliness. A few negative reviews can put your company’s reputation in jeopardy. Today, it is essential to have someone with experience monitoring your company’s online presence across all social media and review platforms. Though this task is enormous, the success and future of any family entertainment center depends on it. Axia offers ReviewMaxer software, designed to help companies like yours develop a proactive online review strategy.

With Axia Public Relations, your framily entertainment company will receive positive coverage.


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At Axia, we understand the family entertainment business and we know how to keep families happy. Our team of experts can create a public relations plan to help you earn the exposure you need to keep families excited about your brand and coming back for more fun.

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