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Want to boost your social engagement? Use video

Start incorporating video on your company’s social media platforms

Video is the biggest thing in social media right now. Over the last few years, it has become the cornerstone of many top corporations’ social media campaigns. However, even though people are increasingly consuming online videos on a daily basis, many companies still aren’t using digital video as part of their social media strategy.

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How PR professionals use video effectively at every stage of the sales cycle

Reel in more customers by enhancing your content strategy with video

The buyer’s journey is changing. With the popularity of online review sites and social media, prospective customers now travel through more than half of the traditional sales cycle before ever contacting your company. However, some aspects do remain constant. You still must generate leads, deliver exciting content and close the sale. Videos are a great tool that many PR professionals use effectively at each stage of the sale cycle – and so can you.

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Use guerrilla marketing to increase your ROI

Make your message stand out in the crowd

Successful guerrilla marketing puts the focus on the public using unique placement and atypical techniques. By employing one of the five types of guerrilla marketing to gain attention and visibility, your business can stand out from the crush of companies on the market. Selecting the right tactic for your campaign is an important step because there are good and bad outcomes tied to each.

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3 Reputation Management Suggestions for Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ recent MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) performance with Robin Thicke may remind some of the open-mouthed moments when Elvis Presley first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. There was risqué, tight-fitting clothing that was outside the norm for her typical audience and exceeding fashion boundaries. Dance moves with lots of gyrating hips. Numerous innuendos and shocked faces. A large foam hand. (Ok, this is certainly the wildcard in the comparison, but you get the idea.)

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Troubled Skies: Three PR Must-Dos Airlines Can Carry Out Now

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Rethinking the Value of PR - Motivating Your Employees

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PR Success Stories: Local TV News Coverage Saves Fledgling Cosmetics Company from Financial Ruin

PR Success Stories: Merlot Skincare Products Saved by Local TV News Coverage


Serial innovator and entrepreneur Wayne Beckley had stumbled across what he felt was a revolutionary take on a cosmetic skin product: grape seed-based moisturisers. Research suggested that the antioxidants present within grape seeds are 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and 25 times more powerful than vitamin C in protecting and rejuvenating skin. Aptly named Merlot and marketed as a cutting-edge solution to the aging process, Beckley’s science-backed product had him optimistic about his chances of success. Initial results, however, would prove disappointing. Despite the favorable research, no one was purchasing Merlot Skincare Products and, to his disbelief, Beckley began to receive phone calls from store managers asking him to remove his “unsellable product” from store shelves.

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Axia Public Relations client shares robo-love with news anchors


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Media Relations: Scaring up some great coverage

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Optimize YouTube Videos to increase Your Business' Visibility

The Power of YouTube: 20 Hours of New Videos Uploaded Every Minute

Over 60 percent of all the videos watched online originate from YouTube's servers. Last month, YouTube reached a milestone with 20 hours of video being uploaded every single minute of the day. YouTube offers a number of marketing opportunities to promote your business to its millions of online users worldwide.

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