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Calming your nerves before public speaking

5 professional tips to help you deliver an engaging and effective speech

Does thinking about getting up in front of a room to speak give you sweaty palms? Speaking to a crowd can be a nerve-wracking task, but there are ways to overcome your nerves to deliver a powerful presentation. Here are some tips.

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How many public speaking engagements has your company done this year?

Use PR to make the most out of this vital outreach tool

You already know you need to promote your business so that people know who you are. Public speaking engagements provide an ideal way to get in front of your target audience, demonstrate your industry expertise and position your company and CEO as thought leaders.

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Our CEO is stupid. How do we convince him to avoid the media?

PR helps you keep your CEO happy without sacrificing the company’s image

Your company just hosted a public event with news media all around and your CEO put his foot in his mouth – again. Perhaps he said something insensitive, appeared sweaty and uncomfortable, or gave statements contradictory to the company line. Whatever he did, the end result was that he made your entire organization look bad.

The CEO is most often the public face of a company, and sometimes that face is not the one you want to show to the world. Do you wish you could just keep your CEO away from the media altogether? There are right (and wrong) ways to handle this issue and PR can help.

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Why your company’s leaders need to book public speaking engagements

Speaking at conferences, community meetings and expert seminars is a wonderful opportunity to get in front of your key audiences and grow your business. How does your company benefit from such speaking engagements?

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