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How to write a press release headline

Weak headlines and first paragraphs are deal-breakers

You need strong headlines and clear opening paragraphs. News coverage is important: According to Starch Research, a news story has six times the readership and three times the credibility of an advertisement. The right PR agency can secure you the media coverage you need to grow your business and your bottom line.

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Why do most of your press releases fail?

PR explains what you need for increased media coverage

Your company has quite a bit going on. As a result, you send out dozens of press releases announcing events, highlighting initiatives and touting all your good work – only to have them wind up in the trash basket of every journalist you sent them to. What gives?

Attracting earned media is crucial for visibility, reputation building and brand recognition. Press releases are an important component, but there are right and wrong ways to use them. With help from PR, you can learn why most press releases fail and the differences between a good press release and a great one.

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Top 5 media relations practices to attract more coverage

Let PR show you how to get a reporter’s attention and keep it

Media coverage is an ideal way to educate people about your product, inform them about your events, highlight your company or feature your CEO as a thought leader in your industry. As a result, every business wants to know the secrets for obtaining more media coverage.

While there is no one-size-fits-every-company answer, there are media relations practices and habits you can adopt to increase your chances of coverage success. With help from PR, you can get the media coverage your company needs and deserves.

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Does the press release belong in the modern PR toolkit?

PR helps you find the best way to distribute company news

Discussion about whether the press release is still relevant has been floating around the public relations community for several years now. Five years ago, a Forbes reporter called it “worthless.” If the press release was worthless five years ago, that’d make it a dinosaur today.

But, for many, thepress/news release remains a critical tool in the PR practitioner’s toolbox. So, is it dead or not?

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5 common mistakes when contacting the media

Media relations are important to your company’s earned media coverage

I recently attended a “Meet the Media” event with a professional PR association. While there, I noticed some common mistakes PR people tend to make that turn off media personnel. Most of the frowned-upon behaviors seemed obvious, but when you’re determined to pitch a story, it’s easy to make the same mistakes.

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Top 5 mistakes in your press release

What could be more important to your publicity than a public relations announcement issued to the media and other key audiences? Yes, we’re talking about a press release, aka a news release: the quickest and easiest way to get publicity for your company. A professionally written press release can result in numerous published articles and blog posts about your company. Therefore, it is very important to avoid these five common mistakes in your press release:

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Before sending your pitch, check for these phrases

PR explains the top 6 phrases you should never put in a press release or pitch

You want to attract media attention, so you create a dynamite press release announcing your company’s brand new initiative or event. However, you may be sabotaging your great news by using old, tired phrases in your press release and turning off reporters.

Writing press releases is like a balancing act. You must provide enough information to pique a reporter’s interest without divulging too much. It has to have all the pertinent details without being too lengthy. In addition, certain overused phrases can be annoying to reporters and make them stop reading. Experienced PR pros can show you how to avoid this and craft press releases that get results.

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How do you decide where to send your press release


You have created a press/news release. It has been edited several times and vetted through all the proper channels. Now what?

Crafting a press releaseor pitch is only half the battle when it comes to attracting media attention and achieving positive news coverage. Where you send a press release is often more important than what you send. Use PR to help you make the right decision for maximum effect.

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If you put good in, you get good out

Turn to PR for the best advice on sending a press release

In todays age of social mediaand 24-hour news generation, many companies wonder if there are still best and worst times to distribute press releases. Of course, there are some consistent tenets that hold true, such as not sending a press release on a Saturday afternoon just before a major holiday (reporters will not be in the office to see it) or on April 1. However, is one day and time better than another?

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