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Is your company’s website press release ready?

5 elements your website needs for the best coverage from media outlets

Whether you're new to public relations or you’ve been sending news releases for years, it's a good idea to make sure your website is press-ready. Essentially, you want to make your company’s website easy for reporters to give you good coverage.

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Earning media coverage without news releases

Don’t impede your potential results by requiring a monthly quantity of press releases from your PR firm

Did you know that you can earn great media coverage for your company without writing a press release? In fact, as a PR firm working with national clients, some of Axia Public Relations’ best earned media coverage came without ever writing a news release. Instead, we pitched existing contacts by phone – contacts with whom we’d established trusted relationships.


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Are you using your press release distribution service correctly?

It’s important that the news your company puts out via a news distribution site is newsworthy so you get the maximum benefit from your investment. Some company news isn’t actually appropriate for a news release – it won’t interest journalists or your target audience. How can you tell which stories are worth telling? And when is the best time to announce your news to gain the most traction?

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How, why and when you should use a press release distribution service

Prospective clients often ask us about news wire distribution services as part of their public relations campaigns. We find that many companies are using these services incorrectly. If you aren’t using a distribution service the right way, you aren’t receiving the full value of the news release and that could be hurting your brand.

To that end, we created a list of how, why and when your company should use a news release distribution service.

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The pros and cons of using a press release distribution service

Many companies want to see their news releases published on a newswire or a press release syndication site.


Axia Public Relations recommends clients only publish news releases on a newswire when they have a big announcement – or if they have a comprehensive budget to support the cost of a distribution service.


Your money is often better spent on direct, one-on-one pitching and building relationships with reporters. If you’re still interested in using press release syndication, check out these pros and cons.

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3 reasons news releases should be a part of your content marketing campaign

How to grow your brand using a press release

Everything in the world of public relations and communications is changing fast. There are many new tactics, techniques and tools you can use to build mutually beneficial relationships with your public. How does the old-school press release fit in? Some PR pros say it’s dead; others contend that news releases are still relevant in PR today. Here are three reasons why the news release is still an effective marketing tool.

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3 ways to prepare a news release for a trade show

With the new year right around the corner and trade shows filling the calendar, the question of how to best convey your company’s message to the media might be starting to shadow your thoughts. Before that shadow becomes a looming, cantankerous beast, tackle it to dispel the darkness and enlighten everyone with your message.

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‘National Publicist Day’: How Ivy Lee wrote the first press release

October 30. To most it’s just another day of the year. However, in the public relations and journalism worlds, it’s a day to celebrate. October 30 is National Publicist Day.

(See also: What’s the difference between publicity and public relations? Hint: PR strategists hate when we call them publicists.)


On this day in 1906, well-known public relations pioneer and productivity consultant Ivy Lee wrote the first documented press release.

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Which is the best day to send out a news release?

You have a news release ready to go for your company, and you assume that getting it in the hands of journalists first thing on Monday morning will beat everyone to the punch. However, you should consider which day is best for your news release because there are some days that provide more benefit for your company than others.

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Press releases going nowhere? 5 tips for getting more media coverage

Your company regularly creates press releases. You, as the PR specialist, spend time researching, writing, crafting the perfect quote and curating the best media list – only to have your release not get picked up anywhere. If radio silence from the media is the norm when it comes to your news releases, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Here are some tips to improve your news releases and media outreach approach.

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