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Pitching exclusives by the numbers

What are the pros and cons of this often misunderstood media relations tool?

Psst! I’ve got a dynamite story to tell and I’m only giving it to you. In return for being the first to hear it, I’m hoping you will make it a big deal and help me attract the attention of many people in my target audience because I think you are just the right media outlet to handle it. Okay?

This is the premise behind pitching exclusives to the media.

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Editorial calendars: A PR pro’s best friend

Editorial calendars provide a roadmap for public relations professionals by outlining the content that media outlets will focus on for the entire year. With the right approach, editorial calendars can make a PR professional's job easier and could generate some great feature coverage. Here’s how to make use of editorial calendars.

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When is the best time to pitch a journalist?

6 tips for getting better results with your pitches

How often do you get a call from someone trying to sell you something and the person begins by asking if you have a minute? This is an immediate way to shut down the conversation and end the call. In today’s busy world, no one really has a minute.

As you are pitching, you will discover that the same is true for journalists. You will find that it’s never a good time to pitch a journalist. Journalists may be working on several stories at one time and are often on tight deadlines. This means they are usually far too busy to speak by phone about your pitch idea, especially when others are bombarding them – often with pitches that don’t pertain to the area or topic that they cover.

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10 rules for media pitching success

Get more positive news coverage with help from PR

When it comes to gaining a foothold with journalists, you may feel like everyone else has the key to unlock the door but you. The truth is there are tips and techniques to make it easier. With these 10 rules – and help from public relations – you can increase your chances for attaining news coverage and increasing your visibility.



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How to pitch Wired magazine

If you’re trying to stay on the cutting edge of technology, you read Wired magazine. Wired is one of today’s most popular technology magazines and is a trusted source of information about the latest innovative technologies.

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Key differences in pitching top business magazines

One of the best ways to tell large audiences about your business is to secure coverage in one of the major business publications: Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Money, Businessweek, Harvard Business Review and Inc. These business media giants provide high-quality coverage of top business news, including successful business and leadership strategies and innovations in technology.

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How to pitch Fortune magazine

Fortune magazine is a great source of knowledge for entrepreneurs because it covers the entire field of business, including the people, trends, companies and ideas of today’s top businesses. Fortune columns include features on the marketplace, career trends, U.S. politics and European business news. Readers look forward to the magazine’s annually updated lists such as “40 Richest Under 40,” “Most Powerful Women” and the “Fortune 500” ranking.

Fortune magazine covers trends in today's top business world and news affecting business people. Each issue includes a section that provides readers with a first look at changing industries and articles devoted to the people behind major companies. An average Fortune magazine reader is a top business entrepreneur or CEO. Publishers prefer pitches that lead them to the big companies and big names behind these companies.

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How to pitch Inc. Magazine

Inc. is a major business magazine guiding CEOs and owners of small- to mid-sized companies toward success. It delivers real solutions for today’s innovative company builders and provides hands-on resources covering market-tested finances, sales, marketing and technology. Each issue offers real-life examples of strategies, case studies and successes and failures to show its readers new ways their businesses can improve and grow. Large and small organizations turn to Inc. to make sense of the ever-changing business world. An appearance in Inc. is a great opportunity for publicity, networking and finding new business avenues.

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How to pitch Entrepreneur magazine

Entrepreneur magazine is the No. 1 resource for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. It provides tips for readers to effectively start and expand their businesses. Entrepreneur’s topics include advice on new software products, CEO profiles, trends in money and how to grow a business. Getting an article published in Entrepreneur could be a major publicity boost for your business.

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How to pitch Fast Company magazine

If you are a startup or a tech company, your best bet for gaining positive publicity is to get yourself featured in Fast Company magazine, the publication of choice for those in the tech business. Fast Company covers the following areas: design, technology and sustainability.

Fast Company maintains a strong focus on evolution of business and the most creative industry thought-leaders and strives to bring change into the marketplace.

Fast Company magazine has a unique editorial focus on innovations in technology, leadership, and design. The target audience is entrepreneurs in the tech business. Frame your pitch as a story with a strong focus on lessons learned during your journey to completing your project, including your mistakes, frustrations, turning points, eureka moments and inspirations. Your story is your documented experience that you are happily sharing with others in the field, helping them to succeed.

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