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The social media news desk: The big earned media opportunity your PR is missing

Traditional public relations isn’t working anymore. Fewer Americans rely on TV news, while nearly half of all U.S. adults get their news from Facebook, according to surveys conducted by Pew Research Center. PR professionals must adapt to the ever-changing social and digital age. Here’s the opportunity most PR pros and their PR agencies are missing: the social media news desk.

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When it comes to media pitches, which is better: A long subject line or a short one?

One of the most critical elements of a pitch is the subject line. It’s the first thing reporters read, aside from your name, when they go through their inbox. Because it’s such an important element, you should put some thought into creating your subject line. There are two sides to the subject line debate: Some say short subject lines work best and others think long subject lines are the better choice.

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4 ways to maintain media relations momentum during the holiday season

Holidays can throw a wrench into your media-pitching efforts. When reporters and editors go on vacation in the middle of your back and forth, you can lose momentum and opportunities. Therefore, you should be aware of upcoming holidays and vacation seasons and prepare and plan accordingly. This doesn’t mean as soon as you start connecting with reporters you should ask them if they’re taking any trips. Instead, use these four tips to avoid losing media-pitching traction during holidays and vacations.

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5 tips to improve your media-pitching emails

Before you send your next email pitch, read this first

Email is quick and easy to use. You no longer have to wait for someone to pick up the phone or be available for a meeting. A reporter can simply read an email pitch on his or her time. Still, there are lots of factors you have to get right in order for your email pitch to be successful. Trust public relations to help you improve your online communication techniques for increased news coverage and visibility.

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The secret formula for better email pitching

Journalists typically have 2 basic questions. Learn how to answer them for media success

Your company has a great story to tell. Perhaps you even have a new product or initiative that you believe will change the future of your industry. If you’re like most, you send email pitches to numerous journalists, hoping they will be interested enough to write about your news.

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Pitch perfect: Fall in love with your pitch

When pitch fatigue is imminent, try these tips to reboot

Anyone that has worked in public relations knows well that pitching the media is an acquired skill. Whether it’s for an automobile or printer or service such as a virtual front office, designing a pitch that internally compels you is a necessary first step – because if you love it, your genuine interest will serve to engage others.

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4 things the media wish companies knew about pitching

Get your story to the right person at the right time

Successfully pitching the media is one of the most important tasks a PR company can perform for its clients. Through a pitch, a PR firm can ensure that the media publishes a client’s story and that many people read it.

Despite the importance of the practice, the companies that hire PR firms to pitch often know very little about the process itself. It is important for client companies to also understand the process so that they can help fine-tune the PR firm’s pitches in order to get better results.

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How to grab a reporter’s attention in 10 seconds

Time is money, and a smart media strategy from PR will help you make the most of it

OK, you have 10 seconds to tell us all about your company, what is new and why we should care. Go.

In today’s always-connected, blink-and-you’ll-miss-something world, this 10-second window represents the new reality for selling your product. It’s also the new normal for attracting media attention. With help from public relations, you can learn to use your time wisely.

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5 not-so-secret tips for email pitches

A common-sense guide on PR’s best ways to pitch news media via email


Getting your story ideas in front of journalists may seem like the equivalent of trying to open a safe with only one number of the combination. You’ve heard that most journalists prefer to be pitched via email, but your messages still don’t resonate. Maybe you’re doing it all wrong.

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Pitching exclusives by the numbers

What are the pros and cons of this often misunderstood media relations tool?

Psst! I’ve got a dynamite story to tell and I’m only giving it to you. In return for being the first to hear it, I’m hoping you will make it a big deal and help me attract the attention of many people in my target audience because I think you are just the right media outlet to handle it. Okay?

This is the premise behind pitching exclusives to the media.

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