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The 2%: You’re talking to yourself and why no one likes your social media posts

Many industry analysts agree that organic reach for company Facebook Pages is now as low as 2%, and some speculate it’s even lower (without sponsoring those posts). You must pay to play.

If you aren’t boosting your company’s social media posts, you’re just talking to yourself. You’re barely reaching your target audience and your social media engagement is low. It’s challenging to increase social reach and engagement, and ever-changing algorithms make it more so.

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What’s the difference between earned media, shared media and owned media?

When it comes to public relations, the term media relates to different channels a brand might use to attract new customers.

There are four types of media:

  • Paid
  • Earned
  • Shared
  • Owned
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What the PESO model got wrong

3 reasons to change PESO for PR

The PESO model for segregating paid media, earned media, shared media and owned media has been around for years. Some PR and marketing professionals are adopting its communication framework to manage their efforts in reaching audiences. The PESO Venn diagram provides a holistic picture of the many channels that influence audiences’ buyer behavior in the decision-making process.

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What mediums do PR pros use to communicate to audiences?

5 key factors for conveying company messages effectively

Getting your messages to the right audiences is key in effective public relations. It’s important to know the different channels and platforms and the best way to use each of them. There are two types of communications in PR: controlled and uncontrolled. It’s essential to use both types of communication as well as the PESO model for successful PR.

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How the PESO model may change the way you think about PR

If you’re not using PR to grow your business, you’ll soon be left behind

It seems like every day we are asked to embrace some new product, idea or way of doing business. Each time, we are promised that if we get on board with the new plan, we will change the world. Some things hold true, such as the microwave, the internet and social media; others, not so much. However, there is now a novel approach to handling public relations and marketing that we believe will stand the test of time.

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