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4 reasons remote employees are more productive than office employees

This is one story in our series on the benefits of working from home. Read how working from home can save you money for more.


The debate over whether remote workers are more productive than their traditional office counterparts has been going on for a while. When you think of remote working, you might imagine people lounging on their couches with their laptops. However, there are plenty of studies indicating remote employees are quite productive. Here are four reasons remote employees are actually more productive than those who work in an office setting. 

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5 tips for those new to working from home

Thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, many people in the world find themselves working from home for the first time. While technological advances have made remote working easier and more accessible, it still proves challenging for people accustomed to working in an office environment.


The team at Axia Public Relations has been working remotely since 2014. We’ve found that it encourages employee wellness, work-life balance, and helps retain talent.


Nationally, about 4.6% of all workers work from home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Bureau data also shows that telecommuting nationwide has grown 115%. Still, working from home isn’t for everyone. Here are some tips to help you get through the day, especially if you’re struggling with that work-from-home life.


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Company culture: How it influences future business

Your company’s culture is what defines your organization. It sets the tone for how your employees work and how the public views your company. Your company’s culture can determine whether a potential customer chooses you over your competitors.

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