ReviewMaxer from Axia Public Relations allows you to collect, manage and promote online customer reviews.

Your customers are talking about you online… Are you listening?

ReviewMaxer, online customer review management software

Axia Public Relations has powerful, cloud-based software, ReviewMaxer, that makes it possible to have a proactive customer review strategy. With our ReviewMaxer system, you can track online reviews from 500+ review sites for quick and easy managing. With ReviewMaxer software, in minutes, you will know exactly what people are saying about your business and have a way to encourage more positive reviews to counteract any negative reviews. 


How do you monitor 1,000s of customer review sites?

With thousands of review sites on the web, it’s almost impossible for a business owner to know everything being said about her business. Managing and controlling the quality of reviews and handling complaints are time-consuming and tedious tasks. However, if you ignore them, you could have negative reviews on the web, causing you to lose business.

With the ease of sharing made possible by mobile devices today, angry customers who want to vent can immediately damage your business within a few seconds.

You simply cannot afford to ignore online review sites. How can you monitor them while running your business?

Our ReviewMaxer software provides:


Quickly and easily monitor and manage your online reviews from one central location – the ReviewMaxer dashboard – so you can protect your reputation by turning good reviews into free advertising.


Analyze your reviews to see where they’re coming from and where they’re shared, allowing you to focus your efforts for optimal results.


Companies that respond quickly to unhappy customers have an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Our ReviewMaxer software makes that possible. You can even reward fans who share their positive experiences.


Quickly and easily post positive reviews to your website and social media channels with one click. Expand your reach by encouraging your fans to share on their networks, as well.


Proactively reach out to collect reviews before they go online. The ReviewMaxer system puts you in control of which ones you want to share on the sites that matter most to your business.


As positive reviews increase and negative reviews decrease, your online reputation will organically improve and enhance your Google search results, ultimately driving more customers to your door.


Building up your online reputation and generating positive reviews on a consistent basis can have an explosive impact on the success of your marketing strategy and bottom line. Take control of your online reviews today and turn your happy customers into “free marketing” with our ReviewMaxer software. Your business reputation is an investment you can’t afford to pass up! 


How does your business compare?

Use our free Review Scan to generate an instant reputation report and see how your business appears on local review sites.


Consumer reviews are more important than ever!

The No. 1 most powerful marketing tool is a recommendation from someone you know. The second most powerful tool is consumer opinions, according to a Nielsen survey.

Today, consumer reviews and opinions are showing up all over the internet in the form of review websites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Rip Off Report. Even social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ offer review features.

Within 60 days, ReviewMaxer clients star ratings increase.

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