Maximizing Your Public Relations Investment

Axia Public Relations provides the guide to maximizing your public relations investment. Once you have run a successful campaign and received positive news coverage, where do you turn? The impact of your investment does not end with the campaign. In this book, Axia gives you the keys to planting seeds, influencing markets and optimizing your media coverage. From company websites and social media to industry blogs and newswires, we will show you how to utilize your investment to get even more exposure.


Online Reputation Management

Effective reputation management is the art of knowing how to manage your reputation and repair it after negative comments have been made against you and your company. In an age where everyone has access to the Internet and where most use social media, people’s opinions are being heard. One negative comment can be made very public and can instantly become very prominent.


Learn Media Relations from the Media

Good media relations is the keystone of good public relations. Earned media coverage is more powerful than any form of advertising, and a positive news story is not only more credible than an ad, it will continue telling your story for years online (unlike advertising, which disappears as soon as you quit paying for it). It bears repeating that you want the media on your side, but every day, companies and inept PR firms alienate reporters, editors, bloggers and producers. It follows, then, that a bad relationship with your public relations firm can directly impact your sales and your company’s earnings.


The Essential Social Media Management Guide

Social media is a great way to make new connections, build relationships and start conversations with target audiences. The first key to social media success is to decide who those audiences are and what you hope to accomplish by engaging them.


How to Fire Your PR Firm

Have you been thinking about firing your public relations firm? Maybe you’re just not enjoying as much earned media coverage and other results as you did at the beginning of the relationship. Maybe you’re not receiving or sensing the same attention, progress and updates from your public relations firm. Maybe it’s the chemistry, or maybe you just can’t pinpoint exactly why you’re not happy with your public relations firm. Your relationship with your public relations firm is critical to your success in earning media coverage.


Managing Public Relations in a Crisis

Natural and man-made disasters happen all the time. And they don’t have to be as bad as Hurricane Katrina or an exploding oil rig to do serious damage to your company — serious enough to threaten its survival. According to the Department of Commerce, 40% of all businesses will not survive a crisis. More than 60 percent of businesses confronted by a major disaster close within two years. And 70% of small firms that experience a crisis will go out of business within one year.