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Dry cleaners launches with fresh, clean, bright brand

Posted by Jason Mudd

The team at Axia is full of great ideas on how to brand a business.”

- Allen Elfterion
Bubbles Dry Cleaners

With big plans but no visual identity, Bubbles executives hired Axia Public Relations to brand the soon-to-be launched dry cleaning franchise. Axia created a complete corporate identity package, including a logo, tagline, Web site, letterhead, envelopes and business cards, as well as store-front and interior logo signage, direct-response mailers, print ads and more. And since free pickup and delivery was a huge part of the company’s business model, Axia also designed attention getting van graphics. With Axia on board, the franchise was able to successfully launch seven stores in its first few months.

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Axia earns increased market share, sales boost for staffing firm

Posted by Jason Mudd

Incepture, a specialized staffing agency with a vision of providing top talent and service excellence for clients, sought to expand its comprehensive suite of staffing, consulting and managed solutions to targeted markets on the East Coast. Born out of the health care and information technology sectors, Incepture had an unmatched depth of industry knowledge, experience and expertise and aimed to become the go-to expert on staffing for healthcare, information technology and financial services as it continues to expand into additional markets.

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PR Campaign Helps Small Law Firm Compete with Big-Spending Competition

Posted by Axia Public Relations

Randy Reep, fighter pilot and lawyer, approached Axia Public Relations to help get the word out about his personal injury and criminal defense law firm without spending the big bucks on advertising like his competitors – some of whom invest millions annually in paid media coverage. Axia designed a public relations campaign to increase Reep’s stature in the community using local, regional and national media outlets to position him as a respected thought-leader in his field. During the six-month campaign, Axia generated roughly $15.2 million in earned media coverage that included 282 feature articles, 73 broadcast appearances and exposure on CNN and in USA Today and The Florida Bar Journal.

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Florida Law Firm enjoys front page exposure from PR Firm

Posted by Jason Mudd

The Law Offices of Don Pumphrey, Jr. were referred to Axia Public Relations by trusted colleagues during a time of growth and change in the organization. To meet the expanding company’s needs, Axia crafted a new corporate identity package that included a logo, a tagline, stationery and a direct-marketing lead generation program targeted toward recently arrested citizens. Axia earned the firm media exposure in its target markets, including a front-page client verdict news story that was picked up by the Associated Press. Today, the firm is well-positioned as one of Tallahassee, Florida’s better-known law offices.

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Topics: Media Relations, Legal, Thought Leadership, Professional Services, Small Companies, private companies, Florida, B2C

Tax Defense Network’s news coverage boosts company visibility

Posted by Jason Mudd

Tax Defense Network, a tax resolution service, hired Axia Public Relations for a public relations campaign leading up to April 15, tax day, to generate publicity for its tax debt resolution services. During this campaign, Axia positioned Tax Defense Network as a national expert on tax-related issues – specifically, tax debt. As a result of its efforts, Axia earned Tax Defense Network news coverage in target national newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and internet news media as well as local media coverage in the geographic markets where it has offices.

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Accounting firm experiences a surge in consumer awareness thanks to Axia PR

Posted by Paul Cook

Tiffany Washington, owner of Washington Accounting Services in Maryland, retained Axia Public Relations when she wanted to increase awareness of her tax and accounting business, and build her personal and professional brand. When Washington approached Axia, she desired to expand her visibility with companies and individuals who require the expert counsel of an advisor to small businesses and an expert on topics related to accounting, taxes and business financials.


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Topics: Media Relations, National, Thought Leadership, Financial Services, Professional Services, Small Companies, private companies, Consumer Services, B2C, accounting/taxes, Taxes

PR Firm delivers star clients for engineering firm

Posted by Jason Mudd

Estrella Engineering, a quality mechanical engineering services company, approached Axia Public Relations for help in increasing its profits and revenue. Axia developed a targeted direct-response program throughout the southeast United States to reach the top prospective clients. By positioning the professionals at Estrella as “subject-matter experts,” Axia earned media coverage in industry and target geographic news outlets, including a half-page, full-color profile of Larry Estrella in The Florida Times-Union and stories detailing the firm’s projects.

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Topics: Media Relations, National, Professional Services, Small Companies, private companies, B2B, Engineering, Construction

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