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7 steps to working effectively with your PR firm

Start the relationship on the right foot for your company’s success and profitability

What it takes for businesses to excite customers and attract top-quality talent has changed a lot in recent years. As a result, many companies have turned to public relations firms to help meet these needs. Indeed, hiring a PR firm for your company can deliver amazing outcomes, but only when you work together effectively.

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Is this thing on? Media relations and "Off the record"

Why nothing said is “off the record" and how PR can improve your media relations

Most people have witnessed a moment in a live television broadcast when someone on camera blurts out something inappropriate or controversial. Or, a company spokesperson is quoted in a newspaper saying something unsavory or offensive and his response is that he thought it was “off the record.” When these moments occur, the audience cringes and thinks why would someone say that? The reason this happens is typically because the speaker thinks the camera isn’t recording or that the conversation is confidential. But what causes a person to lose focus in this way? How can you avoid having this happen to you?

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