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Sharing your company’s news: anatomy of a news release

How to create newsworthy and reporter-friendly content

As public relations professionals, we follow established guidelines that most business professionals aren’t familiar with. Some of the most commonly asked questions we get are about news releases, which, when written and edited correctly, are a great way to share and promote company news.

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3 ways PR will solve your company’s top strategic risks in 2014

According to research conducted by Protiviti and North Carolina State University’s ERM Initiative in a recent report entitled “Executive Perspectives on Top Risks for 2014” (pg. 5), there are eight top strategic risks for 2014:

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How to fix bad reviews on Google

468957239Websites like Google provide prime digital space for unsatisfied customers to voice their opinions with little accountability. Whether or not these posts are honest, research reveals that 72 percent of visitors said they believe the reviews posted online. This can be very good for a business if the review is positive. However, a bad review can hurt a business’ image overnight – an image it took years to build. Negative reviews, truthful or not, ruin a business’ reputation and require immediate action on the part of the business owner.

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Three Takeaways from Major League Baseball for Restocking Your Aging Customer Base

Is Your Customer Base Going to Age Out, or Die Off?

Major League Baseball has a major league problem: A large portion of its audience may be dying off in the next decade or two. Essentially, the audience for professional baseball may be aging out. Have you considered the age demographic of your audience – and whether or not they’ll age out from your brand completely? Will they age into a new audience category that doesn’t relate anymore to your PR messages? Read on for some PR takeaways you can do today to build a stronger audience for tomorrow.

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Don't Wait Until a PR Disaster to Realize You've Got the Wrong Spokesperson at the Mic

Your Choice of a Spokesperson Speaks Volumes

Popular television shows like “Scandal” and “Spin City” have turned a bright light on the profession of spokesperson. Public relations practitioners are often portrayed as sleazy, fast-talking insiders who will do anything to get their clients out of hot water.

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Three Tips to Crisis Response When Customers Have Been Offended

They know who we are. They know what we like. They know what we watch, and where we shop. (The companies we buy from, that is). That data in and of itself is be very useful for both companies and consumers. However, OfficeMax’s recent PR blunder demonstrates important lessons in the challenge of maintaining quality control with data, and shows how not to deal with a PR crisis in your organization concerning data.

In light of recent data problems from major companies, let’s get down to the heart of the matter from the angle of PR and responsibility.

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3 steps to mastering a television interview

Television interviews are scary, especially for those who are not experienced at doing them. No other form of interview is as easy to judge and critique as a television interview. You will be representing yourself and your company as a whole and everything from your facial gestures to the clothes you are wearing will be part of that. However, there are many things you can do to ensure that a television interview turns out great.

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How to get on Undercover Boss (and the surprise benefits)

(Editor's note: Our PR firm helps corporations and their CEOs/leaders get on TV and bosses get on TV shows like Undercover Boss. We are unable to help employees nominate their companies for Undercover BossCEOs and marketing/PR chiefs should call us if they'd like to be on the show.)

Recently, we received a call in our office from the casting coordinators of CBS’ hit show Undercover Boss. She found us through our blog (which means we’re doing good things as far as search engine optimization), and she noticed that we have some amazing clients. She suggested our clients participate in the show.

Here’s the lowdown I got on how companies get on Undercover Boss:

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Reputation management: How to respond to negative reviews

3 tips to help your business keep negative reviews from hurting its reputation

Almost every business will receive negative online reviews, and there is nothing wrong with that; it’s better to get some kind of feedback so you can improve your products and services. Plus, those bad reviews also add credibility to the positive reviews. However, mishandling negative reviews can do long-term damage to your company’s reputation. If you have received negative reviews or want to proactively make a plan to handle those reviews when they arise, read these tips and don’t let your reputation take a hit.

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Three PR tips if you’re considering taking a risk in your industry

Will Microsoft shine as the “new kid” in open-source market?

Open-source tech people, meet the new addition to the class – Microsoft.

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