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6 tips for PR students to achieve success

Advice for students planning a public relations career

The school year is in full swing, and public relations students are likely juggling multiple class projects and thinking about the thing that’s on most college students’ minds: getting a job after college. Here are six tips to help students secure a great job in PR.

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How to get on Undercover Boss (and the surprise benefits)

(Editor's note: Our PR firm helps corporations and their CEOs/leaders get on TV and bosses get on TV shows like Undercover Boss. We are unable to help employees nominate their companies for Undercover BossCEOs and marketing/PR chiefs should call us if they'd like to be on the show.)

Recently, we received a call in our office from the casting coordinators of CBS’ hit show Undercover Boss. She found us through our blog (which means we’re doing good things as far as search engine optimization), and she noticed that we have some amazing clients. She suggested our clients participate in the show.

Here’s the lowdown I got on how companies get on Undercover Boss:

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Remarketing Your PR for Maximum ROI

Great public relations means your company is already enjoying positive coverage in the media. But even if every major media outlet on Earth covered your story not everyone would see it.

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Smart PR Meet Social Media – Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before?

by Jason Mudd, APR

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Troubled Skies: Three PR Must-Dos Airlines Can Carry Out Now

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PR Opportunities - Obesity as a Disease

PR Opportunities: Obesity as a Disease — The Weighty PR Implications

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