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4 reasons why you should add videos to your blog

Connect with more people with video summaries

One of the best ways to engage with consumers is through the use of visuals – especially videos. A video summary is a video that recaps the content of a written article. More and more websites are using them to connect with audiences. Adding video summaries to your written content is another way to connect with and engage your audience. We compiled a list of four reasons why video summaries are an exceptional addition to your blog posts, website and even newsletters.

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How to create a video summary


Adding video summaries to written content is one way to attract people to the content your company creates. It’s also a great way to retain an audience. Video summaries provide readers another type of visual and continue to gain in popularity.

Depending on your focus, you could create very involved video summaries with the help of a professional videographer or you could use a webcam-equipped computer to create your own straightforward video summary. We’ve assembled a guide below that describes the basics for creating a video summary for blogs and other articles that your company produces.

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Make memories, make profits


Instead of being irritating with ads, connect emotionally with consumers

Internet users are tired of seeing your ads; it’s time for a new approach. Reaching consumers on an emotional and personal level will keep you fresh in their minds and set you apart from your competition. The best way to forge a deep connection is to laser-target your messages to specific audiences. Don’t worry if you’re not at the technological forefront of your field; as long as you make positive and memorable impressions on consumers, you can still lead the pack.

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3 ways to increase engagement on your business’ LinkedIn page

Keep your LinkedIn page active

In the past, people treated LinkedIn simply as a tool for professionals to network with each other. Times are changing. Business pages are now important tools for sharing news about a company and for attracting professionals – as supporters, employees or potential employees – to the company.

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3 ways short blog and social media posts bring in customers

Information overload can be a dealbreaker for many

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, storage online is not a problem; we can write as many words as we want without fear of eating up too much space. However, while it may seem handy at first, research has shown two things:

Consumers will actively shy away from content that’s too long.

Consumers want information as quickly as possible.


It isn’t a good idea to overwhelm your customers with too much information.

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Don’t let one negative comment on social media damage your brand

PR can show you how to take control of your online image

Have you ever watched a small snowball roll downhill? If you don’t stop it, it keeps gathering more snow until it’s too big to handle. One negative comment or bit of incorrect information about your company on social media can create the same phenomenon as that small snowball.

Therefore, it is vital to your business that you manage social media content before it develops into a crisis. With help from PR, you can take control of your image and reputation.

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Are you getting your share of earned media?

Bill Gates’ phrase “content is king” has become a well-known mantra for all marketing professionals. To expand on that, great content is king, and it has its own stiff competition for consumers’ attention and dissemination to the right audiences through earned media.

Wikipedia defines “earned media” as “publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising.” In other words, earned media is online word of mouth (mentions, shares, reports).

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10 tips for creating compelling content for social media

PR can show you how to make the most of your posts

Your company probably encourages visitors to connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites. However, what will customers find when they get there?

Without the right messages on these pages, you are missing out on valuable opportunities to engage consumers and build brand loyalty. Here, Axia Public Relations has compiled a list of our top 10 tips to show you how to create compelling content for social media pages and get results.

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Top 5 rules for writing great blog posts

PR explains what to do for increased readability and value

Today, everyone is talking about the benefits and impact of having a blog. However, very little discussion addresses how to write great blog posts.

Just having a blog is only half the equation. There are various rules you should follow to make it great, and PR can lead the way.

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The amazing power of Pinterest

Why companies are turning to this invaluable marketing tool

Pinterest is a valuable and effective asset for companies and individuals to use as part of their marketing strategies. While it’s a great tool to use, there are some common misconceptions about the benefits of the platform, which means that not everyone is using Pinterest to its fullest capabilities.

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