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Hurricane Harvey and social media: 6 takeaways for businesses preparing for Irma

A storm with the magnitude and destruction of Hurricane Harvey has not hit the United States since social media has infiltrated our lives. From Twitter to Facebook, people turned to social media to help family members reunite, to ask for donations and even to plea for rescue from the floods.

In addition to the individuals who were using social platforms, government entities and media outlets took to social media to broadcast critical updates. Companies also used social media to communicate key updates.

While nothing can fully prepare a company for a disaster the magnitude of Harvey, it’s a good idea to think about a crisis plan for your company. For Florida companies in the path of Hurricane Irma, here are some social media tips to have on-hand as your company prepares in the days ahead.  

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3 lessons your company can learn from the Aflac crisis

Use PR to avoid, endure and outlast whatever trouble strikes your company

A public relations crisis can happen to any company of any size at any time. Sometimes, they happen quickly, like the scandalous retirement of the CEO or inappropriate comments made by a top executive. Others develop slowly, like disgruntled employees whose behavior eventually begins to affect customer service.

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Validity of social media: Communications in crisis

3 ways to ensure your company receives fair treatment in the media

In the last several months, news programs and media pundits alike have attempted to unravel the meaning behind President Donald J. Trump’s tweets. When this effort falls short, President Trump’s spokespeople regularly opine that the media has an obsession with covering everything he says on Twitter – and little of what he does as president.

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Crisis communication: How to mitigate fake news

3 ways you can combat fake news about your company

For those who studied journalism, the fake news phenomenon likely guts you like a knife. Our centuries-old career remains governed by a code of ethics, yet is regularly called into question in an era when anyone with internet access can call themselves journalists and appear semi-legitimate.

Fake news isn’t creatively disseminated or opinion-rich news; it is fraudulently created, completely false and non-fact-based information presented as news.

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Top 5 avoidable PR goofs of 2016

Sometimes it’s what you don’t do that matters

Business icon Henry Ford said, “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” With that in mind, Axia Public Relations once again brings you the top avoidable PR goofs of the year. Let’s hope no one repeats the errors of 2016 next year.

No matter how bad your year was, hopefully, you can take comfort in the fact that you didn’t suffer a reputation-destroying PR goof. Here are five PR mistakes you can avoid making in the future.

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How to recover from a spokesperson mistake

Learn from slip-ups, pick up the pieces and move on with help from PR

In the midst of a crisis, your CEO says something insensitive. During a media interview, a top executive mistakenly talks about a project you weren’t ready to discuss yet. Mistakes by a company spokesperson happen all the time. It’s how you handle them that defines your company and makes the difference between a minor error and a major mess.

To inform the public about your company, you must put yourself out there. The more you do, the bigger the potential for missteps. Learn these public relations tips and techniques to decrease the chances of a mistake happening to your company.

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Crisis management: Learn from Wells Fargo’s mistakes

5 lessons you can use in your own company

When Ben Franklin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” he was referring to fire safety. But this adage applies to many situations, including a corporation’s crisis management strategy. Planning makes for the best success, and this includes planning for an accident, an illness or an attack on a company’s principles.

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The top 5 mistakes executives make in business

PR tips for handling routine business and crisis errors

“To err is human,” according to Alexander Pope. But accepting that mistakes will happen is one of the biggest challenges top executives identify in their personal improvement plans.

Having a great team in place is the first step in handling mistakes, and public relations professionals provide rapid response to do the heavy lifting during the good times and the bad. Even if you aren’t certain of the cause of a crisis or the potential solution, responding in a professional (and fiscally appropriate) manner maintains your company’s reputation.

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How to prepare for and efficiently handle a crisis

No need to dread if you plan ahead

While many crises are unpredictable, that’s no excuse not to plan ahead. We find that most companies are not prepared for a crisis; therefore, they don’t know how to react when one occurs.

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Speed kills? Not when it comes to crisis communications

In many matters, it pays to take your time and think about a decision – that's why mortgages and car loans allow a three-day, penalty-free grace period in many states, just in case buyer's remorse sets in. When it comes to dealing with a corporate crisis, however, time is always of the essence. Here are four reasons why you should move quickly during a crisis.

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