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For optimal Facebook engagement, choose quality posts over a quantity of posts

Less is more with your company’s Facebook posts

You’ve probably heard the phrase content is king. However, when it comes to company Facebook posts, context is the new content. While it’s important to know how often you should post to your Facebook page, you should also focus on what you’re posting. HubSpot, a developer of software for inbound marketing and sales, pulled Facebook data to see if posting more frequently reaches more people.

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Achieve maximum productivity: How the Ivy Lee Method can work for your company

In today’s multitasking society, it’s often difficult to stay focused. Distractions abound, and many of us think that the more we do at one time, the better. This may not be the case. There’s a method that works for our company, and we think it will work for yours too. The Ivy Lee Method is simple and achieves maximum productivity. Since we first learned about it from keynote speaker Verne C. Harnish, we use the method daily and recommend it to our clients and their leadership teams.

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Insta-success: 3 tips to ensure high performance on Instagram

Instagram, like most other social media platforms, invests heavily in fine-tuning and further developing its platform. With many changes afoot, including the addition of new features and advertising options, how can your company stay ahead of the curve and keep its Instagram account effectively reaching followers?

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Never lie to a news reporter

4 tips a spokesperson can use to prepare for an interview

In the midst of an interview, sometimes it’s tempting to exaggerate to make your company look good. Perhaps you’re unprepared to answer the question, so you respond enthusiastically with a “fish tale.” Or, perhaps you’re attempting to “fake it before you make it.”

No matter the reason, you should never exaggerate or tell even the smallest lie. You’ll lose credibility and put your company’s future in danger. We’ve had one such client whose CEO embellished during an interview, and it didn’t turn out well. Learn from that company’s mistake so you can prevent it from happening to your company.

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Be prepared when you hire a PR firm

3 ways to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits of PR

When hiring a public relations firm, some companies or executives don’t realize that PR sometimes involves risks, and others think too much of the risks. It helps to understand more about PR and how it can benefit your brand before you hire a PR firm. Unlike advertising, you have little to no control of the timing, content and context of a story. Not realizing the risks involved in PR is mistake No. 4 from Axia Public Relations’ list of 15 mistakes companies make when hiring a PR firm.


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Making the content connection: 3 tips for attracting customers using content

Public relations and marketing are communications practices deeply entrenched in relevant content. While one discipline uses tools such as news releases and positioning statements, the other leverages glossy, image-rich brochures and catchy taglines. What continues to be elusive to some companies is the magical element of “content connection.” Content connection is the process of creating engaging, relevant content audiences crave that pushes them to a call to action, such as to like, share, review or buy. The first step in making the connection is to attract people to your business – to let them know you exist, what you do, what you stand for and what you can offer. How can your company begin to attract more customers?

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What to do when a journalist isn’t publishing your story

3 tips for following up and staying on the radar

Your company has a great story, and you want to share it. You take the proper steps to deliver it to journalists, and then you wait patiently for them to publish it. And … nothing happens. What do you do when journalists aren’t publishing your story?

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4 things to consider when you hire a PR firm

Don’t rely on appearances when choosing a public relations firm

Some companies hire their PR firms based solely on appearances. This includes hiring a firm because it has attractive employees or agents who wear specific business attire. While these companies make an impressive first meeting, they’re often lacking substance. The same goes for using only the company’s website as a gauge in deciding your PR partner. You need criteria by which to make your decision.

We hear PR horror stories from current and prospective clients and even people we meet at networking events about their experiences with other PR agencies. They hired a PR firm based on its appearances – perhaps even unintentionally – and they’re often left disappointed. We consider that mistake #3 when hiring a PR firm, and you don’t want this to be you. Instead, hire a firm based on these four items.

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Improve your BBB rating with these 4 easy tips

Bring more customers to your company with a better reputation

Warren Buffett said it best:

A company’s reputation is one of its most important tools online – every website has ratings and feedback sections. Obviously, too many “1-star” reviews on a giant online retailer like Amazon can doom a product. It’s important to remember that while there are many indicators of online reputation, one of the most important consumer indicators may be the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 

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How to measure public relations


One of the top questions in public relations is, “How do I measure PR?” You can easily measure PR when you have a strong plan in place before your campaign begins. Researching what you want to accomplish and writing it down into a public relations plan allows you to see if you’ve met your PR goals.

The content of your PR plan will vary depending on your organization's goals. We’ve outlined exactly what kind of objectives you can work toward using the power of PR.

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