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3 steps to mastering a television interview

Television interviews are scary, especially for those who are not experienced at doing them. No other form of interview is as easy to judge and critique as a television interview. You will be representing yourself and your company as a whole and everything from your facial gestures to the clothes you are wearing will be part of that. However, there are many things you can do to ensure that a television interview turns out great.

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Reputation management: How to respond to negative reviews

3 tips to help your business keep negative reviews from hurting its reputation

Almost every business will receive negative online reviews, and there is nothing wrong with that; it’s better to get some kind of feedback so you can improve your products and services. Plus, those bad reviews also add credibility to the positive reviews. However, mishandling negative reviews can do long-term damage to your company’s reputation. If you have received negative reviews or want to proactively make a plan to handle those reviews when they arise, read these tips and don’t let your reputation take a hit.

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How Sonic should respond to the controversial Redskins' sign incident

It seems like there isn’t a direction you can turn when it comes to the NFL where you won’t hear about the Washington Redskins and the calls to change the team’s name. The situation has now worsened due to a controversial sign at Sonic, a major fast-food company, that called for the Kansas City Chiefs to “scalp the Redskins” and “send them to a reservation.”

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Confessions of a Public Relations Intern


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