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Marjorie Comer Marjorie Comer is an award-winning PR professional at Axia Public Relations. She graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelor of Arts in communication. Marjorie cheers for her hometown Kansas City Royals. Marjorie has worked for Axia Public Relations since October 2011. Follow her on Twitter @Marjorie_Comer. Learn more about Marjorie Comer. Read Marjorie's recent blog posts below.

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5 steps to help you monitor your company’s online reputation

Many companies search for themselves online to ensure they’re ranking well on search engines. In reviewing your company’s positioning in search engine results, you may find that you have an online reputation problem. If there is negative content about your company ranking relatively highly, you’re almost certainly losing business because of it.

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Does your company has an online reputation problem or an online review problem?

Know the difference and get to work improving your online image

Maintaining a positive online image for your company is critical for success. How consumers perceive your brand on the internet determines whether they will be your customers. A positive online image also cultivates mutually beneficial relationships with other companies.

Many people use the terms online reputation and online reviews interchangeably. The two terms actually differ in many ways. Find out if it’s your company’s online reputation or online reviews that are stifling your business growth. 

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PR season for tax season is now

Tax, CPA and accounting firms benefit from earned media coverage

Although the official tax season doesn’t start until January, the tax season starts now for news media outlets, journalists and PR firms representing accounting, CPA and tax firms.

To keep the public informed, the number of PR opportunities for tax professionals starts increasing in January due to pending tax deadlines, esp. April 15.

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6 reasons great brands don’t advertise

From Rolls-Royce and Tesla to Fresh Market and Krispy Kreme, many of the best brands have proven they don't need advertising. Consumers buy from these corporations because of the experiences they offer and because of the quality of their products. Less successful companies think they need advertising to get customers, but the best brands use their products, reputations and stories to attract customers. That's called public relations.

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6 reasons why your media coverage expectations are unreasonable

We all aspire to succeed and to shine a positive light on our companies for the public to see. Far too often, though, businesses have unreasonable media coverage expectations.

As public relations professionals, we must help our clients define realistic goals concerning the media coverage they want. Here are six missteps that companies often make when setting their media coverage expectations:

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Why isn’t your company winning awards?

8 reasons your award entries aren’t working

Entering and subsequently winning awards for your company is a definite morale booster for your employees, and there are many other benefits too. However, what if you are entering your company into various awards and you just aren’t winning?

There are a number of reasons your company may not be earning the recognition or awards you believe it deserves. We compiled a list of our top eight issues that may be impeding your company from winning awards.

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What’s the difference between a strategy and a tactic?

Why you need both to create a successful PR campaign

As a professional, do you know the difference between strategies and tactics? Just as many people incorrectly interchange the terms goals and objectives, they also confuse strategies and tactics. Everyone should understand and recognize the distinction between these important business terms.

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What are the benefits of winning awards?

4 ways your company can profit from winning an award

Has your company hired a number of new employees? Do you contribute to philanthropic endeavors? Do you have a great CEO or believe your company is a great place to work? It may be time to submit your company for an award.


Many companies shy away from the idea of entering into award competitions because they think it’s too self-promotional and they worry the entry might be too time-consuming. The benefits of entering and winning an award largely outweigh any reasons not to.

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When is the best time to pitch a journalist?

6 tips for getting better results with your pitches

How often do you get a call from someone trying to sell you something and the person begins by asking if you have a minute? This is an immediate way to shut down the conversation and end the call. In today’s busy world, no one really has a minute.

As you are pitching, you will discover that the same is true for journalists. You will find that it’s never a good time to pitch a journalist. Journalists may be working on several stories at one time and are often on tight deadlines. This means they are usually far too busy to speak by phone about your pitch idea, especially when others are bombarding them – often with pitches that don’t pertain to the area or topic that they cover.

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PR pros have a new way to connect with reporters

Axia reviews the Upitch app

Building a strong relationship with journalists is a key component of public relations. It ensures you aren’t pitching a story to the wrong person and creates a connection you can leverage for future stories. However, as technology evolves, newsroom staffers continue to get cut and journalists get more and more jaded. This means that making a journalist’s life easier is another key component of PR.

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