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Becca McClure is a passionate public relations professional and works on various client public relations campaigns and projects. Clients love her infectious positive attitude and her strong work ethic. Becca joined the Axia Public Relations team in February 2016. Learn more about Becca McClure. Read Becca's recent blog posts below.

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What’s the difference between impressions and engagements?

Social media expert explains what social media analytics mean

One of Axia Public Relations’ favorite social media publishing tools is HubSpot. Yet HubSpot isn’t a fit for every company, so we often recommend Buffer as an alternate because it’s so easy to use and offers analytics that update daily. It’s important to understand the meaning of your social analytics. How is post reach different from post impressions? And what’s the difference between engaged Facebook users and Twitter engagements?


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3 tips for promoting infographics on social media

An infographic is a way to present information or data visually with an image. To begin, decide the information you want to include in your infographic, where it will live (e.g., on your website) and where you’ll promote it. Then, send the copy you’ve created to a peer or a copy editor to proofread your work. Once the copy is ready, send it to a designer, or you can use a site like Canva or PicMonkey to create the infographic yourself.

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Should you schedule your social media content?

Learn when to schedule content and when to post in real time

Scheduling social media content has many advantages:

  • Create consistency
  • Publish in multiple time zones
  • Publish on the weekends and holidays
  • Plan ahead

You can schedule content for your company using social media publishing software like Hubspot. There are factors you should consider when you schedule content in advance. Here are answers to some common questions about scheduling content.

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For optimal Facebook engagement, choose quality posts over a quantity of posts

Less is more with your company’s Facebook posts

You’ve probably heard the phrase content is king. However, when it comes to company Facebook posts, context is the new content. While it’s important to know how often you should post to your Facebook page, you should also focus on what you’re posting. HubSpot, a developer of software for inbound marketing and sales, pulled Facebook data to see if posting more frequently reaches more people.

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HubSpot: A social media publishing gem

3 reasons we use this often overlooked site for publishing to social media

We frequently get calls from sales reps encouraging us to check out their new social media publishing sites. The conversation usually goes something like this:

“What publishing tool are you currently using?” Sales rep inquires.

“HubSpot,” we answer.

“Oh, you mean Hootsuite.”

“No, we use HubSpot.”

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Anonymous apps like Sarahah suck

4 reasons the popular app is rated only two stars

A new app, Sarahah, is flooding news feeds with anonymous message requests and “honest and constructive criticism” snapshots. Users can share their Sarahah link asking for feedback and then share the messages on their social media. The app claims its purpose helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.” So why is the top trending app in the App Store rated only two stars?




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3 secrets to getting more Facebook page likes

When people “like” your company’s Facebook page, it means they want to receive the information your company has to offer – whether it’s deals and specials, interesting content or other resources. They’re probably a fan, a customer or an employee, and they like your brand. As a social media manager, gaining page likes is an important objective. Clients enjoy seeing their page growth, and it’s often a benchmark for your social media output.

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Ask the Twitter expert

A Q&A with a social media expert

For the “unsocial,” Twitter is a social media platform where users post tweets: messages that must be less than 140 characters. As the fourth most popular social media site (Sorry, Twitter. Instagram took your spot as third, with YouTube as second and Facebook as the most popular social media site), Twitter is a place to find sports updates, local and national news and what’s happening with your family, friends, favorite celebrities and brands. As a social media and community engagement specialist, here are my answers to the five common questions about the channel with more than 315 million users.

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How to create effective content

Learn 10 core attributes that help attract and engage your readers

Writing for your buyer personas and your audience is tough. Effective writing is tougher. As a professional in the communications field, creating content is requisite. Your writing, or storytelling, needs to encourage your readers to do more than skim your content. So how do you inspire readers to stop, think, learn and consider your brand?

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When is the best time to post on social media?

Get more visibility on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by posting at the right time

Knowing the best times to post on social media can make the difference between one click or 10 for your company’s social pages. According to Sprout Social, each social media channel has a best time of the day to publish content. Many companies don’t know the optimal times of the day and even days of the week that work best for social sharing. And if you’re a national brand, you should also consider time zones.

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