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Dodging the bullet: Sidestepping a social media crisis

Social media is optimal for promoting interaction between your company and the public in a way that is meaningful and delivers results. But a social media crisis can send your company into a tailspin if your social media campaign is not on target.

Several top companies have experienced social media woes that they could have easily avoided – or at the very least minimized. Here are a few examples, followed with the steps they might have taken to avoid a social media crisis.

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Speed kills? Not when it comes to crisis communications

In many matters, it pays to take your time and think about a decision – that's why mortgages and car loans allow a three-day, penalty-free grace period in many states, just in case buyer's remorse sets in. When it comes to dealing with a corporate crisis, however, time is always of the essence. Here are four reasons why you should move quickly during a crisis.

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4 ways to prepare for a corporate crisis in the digital age

In the past, crisis communication was usually done on an ad hoc basis and in a relatively reactive manner. More recently, companies have realized that communicating messages during times of corporate stress should be carefully managed so that the right message is sent to both their customers and to their employees.

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A word or two from Benjamin Franklin on reputation

Ben Franklin knew a thing or two about reputation. Not only was he concerned about his own, but also about the effect his actions would have on his parents' legacy and on the ambitions of his children. In short, he knew that one's reputation was a most valuable thing. Here are a few other insights on reputation from the self-proclaimed printer, revolutionary and statesman.

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How to get on Shark Tank

8 tips for a successful pitch

Whether you’re already operating a successful business, you’re a startup or you simply have a fantastic idea and could use some financial backing, the Shark Tank reality show is for you.

Shark Tank, the critically acclaimed business-themed reality show on ABC, has become one of the top reality shows in America. The Sharks – self-made multi-millionaires and billionaires – search to invest in the best businesses and products that America has to offer.

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3 reasons why media relations really work

Media relations is important to a company's PR strategy. If you don't tell your company's story, then someone else, who does not have your best interests at heart, will. It's critical for businesses to understand that media relations can be a highly effective method of reaching target audiences. Here are three other reasons that you should trust in the power of good media relations management:

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What is the appropriate social media response during emergencies?

The first reaction to a company crisis is usually to speak out and defend yourself. In social media, this can be hazardous to your brand. So what is the best way to react during a corporate catastrophe? Should your social media firm respond or not? It depends on the situation. Here is a brief primer on how a social media firm should react during an emergency.

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How to create news for your company, when there's nothing happening

Create the news to get you noticed

Not every day is jam-packed with breaking news announcements. Product launches, news conferences and mergers are the bread and butter of media relations. Having news to share makes the job easier. So what do you do in the absence of news? You create it.

Developing news stories is difficult for business people to understand, but in media relations there are techniques that can and do keep your name in the public eye.

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3 reasons you should hire a PR firm

Public recognition and trust are huge aspects of business success. By virtue of the stories they run, the news media can develop awareness, extend credibility, generate trust and motivate the audience’s responses toward a company and its products and services. Successful businesses often have solid working relationships with several news outlets, including bloggers, reporters, editors and producers. A recent survey indicated that the public considers news stories to be more persuasive and more credible than advertisements. A high percentage of business owners report that public relations – not advertising – is the most valuable investment for marketing dollars.

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How does media relations work?

Get more exposure using media relations

Marketing and advertising are powerful tools for any corporation, allowing business leaders to spread the word about valuable products and services to a broad audience. Without a public relations firm providing media relations, though, these marketing efforts may fall flat.

Media relations is an integral part of any business, allowing professionals to distribute company news and product updates through traditional news outlets and popular social media channels. Because of their role in the marketplace, these outlets are regarded as credible sources of information, earning the trust of consumers.

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